2011 Backyard chickens – Year in review

2011 saw the addition of a small flock of chickens to Stoney Acres.  They arrived at our place on May 30th.  So we have been taking care of chickens for 7 months now.  We are very pleased with the chicken experience so far.  Chickens are really quite easy to care for.  We spend no more that 10 minutes a day caring for them plus maybe another 20 on Saturdays.  Really the whole flock is easier to care for than our one cat and they give us eggs!! (In fairness to the cat, we haven’t seen a mouse in the house since she arrived)

As I have said before our hens are a production flock.  We didn’t get them as pets, we got them to give us eggs.  They are excelling at their jobs!!  We average 5 eggs a day with an occasional 6 egg day.  That gives us about 3 dozen eggs a week, that’s about a dozen more than we need for our families needs.  To this point we have been giving away the extras to friends and neighbors.  This has caused several offers to buy eggs from us, I think we will take one of the offers soon.  This will help cover the cost of our feed and take the stress off Mrs. Stoney, she has really had to be creative about how to eat all these eggs.

Our grand total of eggs produced in 2011 is 433 eggs or about 36 dozen.  That is not bad at all considering they didn’t start laying until mid September and they weren’t really into full production until November.



  1. Liz January 4, 2012 3:45 am Reply

    That is a lot of eggs for a short period. I’m trying to think of ways to create space in my garden so I can keep chickens but it is proving difficult. Yours look like lovely girls.


  2. kitsapFG January 5, 2012 7:27 am Reply

    We really love our little flock of hens too. The fresh eggs are wonderful and the hens are actually a lot of fun to be around. We lost two of our hens this year to predators – so our egg production is actually down to a much more manageable level. I think I will keep the flock at this number from here on out.


  3. Bika Sacic February 1, 2017 5:39 am Reply

    Dear friends, I did not read with how many chickens did you have started, how many girls and boys?
    Best regards !

    • Mr. Stoney February 1, 2017 7:23 am Reply

      We started with 6 chickens, all hens.

  4. Kathy Wysocki July 17, 2017 7:48 am Reply

    Is there a breed of chicken that tolerates cold weather better?

    • Mr. Stoney July 17, 2017 8:27 am Reply

      Kathy, I’m afraid I’m not a chicken expert, I’m more of a garden guy. In fact we don’t even have a flock right now, but we will be adding some more birds in the spring. My friend Maat over at the blog The Frugal Chicken is the person you want to talk to about chickens! She has way more experience. I’d suggest you jump over to her site and ask that question. Here’s the link: http://thefrugalchicken.com/

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