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The End is Near!!

They say all good things must come to an end and these tomatoes are living on borrowed time. Look at our weather forcast for the next 7 days: Friday                                    Satruday                 […]

Utah Farmers Markets

We love our local farmers market.  The Salt Lake City area has several farmers markets, the largest is held from June until November in down town Salt Lake.  We have been to it and it is more like a fair than a farmers market.  The environment is fun but the crowds are huge and there […]

Flowers of Stoney Acres

Okay for the most part if you can’t eat it we don’t grow it around here.  But we still have a few flowers.  Here’s a quick tour of what’s still blooming this fall. Mrs. Stoney loves Morning Glory.  Any where there is an empty space she’ll plant it. I really like Sun Flowers, the great […]

Harvest Monday 9-26-11

It was another busy harvest week here at Stoney Acres.  This week will actually be the biggest total harvest week of the year.  We dug our main crop potatoes on Saturday which will always bring up the totals!! Between the two types we planted, we dug a total of 160 lbs.  We do have about […]

It’s all about committment

“HAM AND EGGS – A day’s work for a chicken; A lifetime commitment for a pig.”     Our first big breakfast with fresh laid eggs, these beauties were added to a little bacon and cheese in some delicious toaster sandwiches!!   THANKS CHICKS!!!

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