April Planting Guide – Zones 5 & 6

As the weather finally starts to warm this April Planting guide will help those of you in zones 5 and 6 to get an early start on this year’s garden.

April Planting Guide

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Let me start out by reminding you this April Planting Guide is meant for those of you living in Zones 5 and 6. You can start planting many cool season vegetables this month. You will also see that you can even get a few warm season veggies planted with protection from the frost.

Those of you in Zone 6 can get started planting right away with most of these. If you are in zone 5 hold off until the middle of April. Always remember that you shouldn’t be planting unless the soil is dry enough to work. Working with wet soil can destroy the soil structure for years to come!!

Let me start out by giving you a quick link.  This post is meant for those of you living mainly in Garden Zones 4 to 7.  If you don’t know what your garden zone is follow this link to find out!

April Planting Guide
Root crops

Seeds for most root crops can be planted in April, really any time, all month. This includes carrots, radishes, turnips, beets and parsnips. A Light Fabric Row Cover will help keep pest away and will also cause quicker germination and growth in the cool weather.

Cole family crops

All members of the Cole family can be planted in April. For zone 6 set out seedlings around the 5th. Zone 5 should hold off until later in the month. (around the 15th, roughly 30 days before your last frost)

April Planting Guide 5

Remember with this family you will be planting seedlings not seeds. The Cole family includes broccoli, cabbage, collards, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and kale.

You will be amazed how much covering Cole crops with a Light Fabric Row Cover will help. It will provide the plants with a good head start and also keep out early season pests!

Leafy greens

April Planting Guide 4

April is the perfect time to plant almost any leafy green. Lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula and many more will do fantastic this month. Plant either by seed or seedling early in the moth for either zone 5 or 6. As with most plants in the April Planting Guide, covering with a Light Fabric Row Cover will help germination and growth in the cool weather.


If you haven’t already planted onions and leeks get them in right away. With these two crops the earlier you get them planted the better!!  I prefer to plant my onions using seedlings,  but you should also be able to find sets this time of year.  Using either method, get them planted as soon as possible in April.  Onions are hardy and can even handle some snow so get them in now.

April Planting Guide 3


You can get some potatoes in the ground during April. Once they sprout out of the ground you should be prepared to protect them on frosty nights with either a heavy fabric row cover or a hoop house. Or you could plant them in a cold frame. What ever you choose just be ready for frosty nights!!  Frost can really set potato plants back, so if you are planting them before your last frost date then you should plan on protecting them.


It is of course not too late to plant any of the three types of peas. Shelling, snow and snap peas will still have plenty of time to grow!  But you should consider getting them planted right away!  The sooner you can get them done, the sooner you have that space for warm season crops!

April Planting Guide 2

Berry plants

Any April planting guide would not be complete without including some berry plants. April is the perfect time to plant many perennial berry plants like strawberries, raspberries, black berries and blueberries.  Early April is not too late to plant them using bear-root stalk.  You could also consider using transplants from a friend or neighbor.

Get these bushes and plants in the ground in April while the weather is still cool. That gives the plants a chance to get established and growing well before the heat of summer sets in!!

Warm season crops

April Planting Guide 1

It is also possible to get a few warm season crops set out in the garden in April. But only if they have the protection of something like a Wall O’ Water. These fantastic water filled season extenders allow you to plant things like tomatoes or peppers 6 weeks before your last frost. To learn more about using these season extenders watch this video, or read this post.

Did I leave anything out of the April planting guide? If you have other suggestions for zones 5 and 6 please leave them in the comments section.


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  1. Judy April 13, 2017 7:24 pm Reply

    When do you plant peas or green beans?

    • Mr. Stoney April 14, 2017 9:16 am Reply

      You can plant Peas as early as 60 days before your last frost. You should wait until about your last frost date to plant green beans.

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