Back to Basics Living Bundle – Coming Soon

This year I have the awesome opportunity to be part of the Back to Basics Living Bundle!  Not only am I an affiliate to the program but I also have the great privilege of also being one of the contributors to the bundle.  If you look close you will see yours truly as one of the authors!!  I feel really privileged to be a part of this bundle, there are a ton of very successful and experienced authors that are part of this bundle, I’m in awe that I was asked to be a part of it.  My Vegetable Gardening Basics video course is one of the resources offered in this great bundle.

So what is the Back to Basics Living Bundle.  This is a collection of over 60 different resources, these include eBooks, memberships, eCourses and even some bonus coupons!

Follow this link to learn all the details on the coming soon page!

Topics covered by this bundle include, Cooking from Scratch, DIY, Frugal Living, Natural Remedies, Preparedness and so much more!

Of course my favorite section is the Homesteading Section.

Included in this section is some really great material that I think will really interest my Stoney Acres Readers:

Urban Farming for Kids – These are some video’s produced by DaNelle Wolford over at the Blog Weed ’em & Reap.  The videos cover great topics on getting your Urban Farm going with your kids.  And the fun part about these videos is that the teachers are actually KIDS!  Great fun!

The Urban Chicken –  is an eBook by Heather Harris.  I love Heather and her down to earth way of teaching others.  This book will get you all set up for have your own chickens in an urban city.

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil – This eBook is by Susan Vinskofski.  She is an expert on improving your garden soil.  In this book she teaches you how to build healthy soil in your garden.  This is a topic that is often ignored by many gardeners so I would suggest getting this Bundle just for this book!

Ready, Set, Grow! – Is an eBook by Susannah Shmurak.  I think this one goes super well with my Gardening Basics course.  Susannah takes you through the basics of getting a new garden started right in your own back yard!

In the homesteading section there are also books and courses on A-Frame Pallet planters, raising rabbits for meat, raising goats, Homesteading with out a homestead, Pickling, homestead management and much more. And this is just one of the 9 sections in the bundle.

So now you can see why I’m so excited about this bundle.  There is so much information in this bundle that it will take me for ever to read and watch it all!

If you were to buy all 60 items in this bundle individually they would cost over $550.00.  But the whole package is being offered for only $29.97!  This is an incredible deal!  Hundreds of hours of content and eBooks for one $29.97!!!  Holy Cow!

Now this Bundle will only be up for sale for 7 days.  The sale starts January 18, 2016 and ends at midnight on January 24th.  So follow this link now to learn more about all the details and then when January 18th comes around you need to jump on this sale!


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