Chip Dilemma – Making your own Homemade Tortilla Chips

making your own homemade tortilla chips

Homemade salsa…ahhhhhhh….. need I say more.  It is one of my favorites!!  We just can’t wait until those first few tomatoes start to ripen so we can make homemade salsa.  It is so yummy when it comes from your own garden tomatoes.  It has so much more flavor!   The only problem with salsa is what to eat it with?   My kids love chips and so do I, but have you ever looked at the ingredients list???

We have started to eat real food now and so I wanted to find a way to make my own chips.  I wanted to still get the yummy, salty, crunchy goodness like the ones from the store.  I looked around on the internet for some ideas and came up with a recipe.   I even tested it out on our extended family.  We had a birthday party at our home and I had chips and salsa as a snack.  No one could believe that these were homemade chips.  They thought for sure they were store bought.  I even had chips from the store that I put out just in case no one liked them.  Everyone ate up the homemade chips and left the chips from the store alone.   They really liked them too!!  Making your own homemade tortilla chips is so super easy!     I had no idea how simple it was, otherwise I would have been making them all the time.


Homemade whole wheat tortilla chips

8 whole wheat tortillas- I roll them out pretty thin. (We use our Homemade Tortilla’s)

making your own homemade tortilla chips spray

Spray tortillas with olive oil spray or brush on

making your own homemade tortilla chips cut

Layer 4 tortillas on top of each other and cut in triangles with a pizza cutter.

making your own homemade tortilla chips bake

Arrange single layer of tortillas on cookie sheet.   I end up using 3 cookie sheets.

Shake some sea salt on them.   Cook at 350 degrees for 5 minutes, remove the tray from oven and turn the Homemade chips over and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes.  You will need to watch them closely so they don’t burn.

Once they are done let them cool, they will crisp up as they cool.  And voila you have your own yummy homemade chips to snack on.   I don’t even feel that guilty eating them because they only have 4 ingredients and are so much healthier for you than those greasy gross chips from the store.  So go ahead and indulge and enjoy that salsa and by making your own homemade tortilla chips!!!

making your own homemade tortilla chips with salsa

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  1. Daphne October 9, 2014 11:04 am Reply

    I certainly make tortillas on a regular basis, but I’ve never tried chips.

  2. miranda papandreou October 12, 2014 11:47 am Reply

    I need to try this this week, to pack for my child’s “dry snack” in school! Thanks for linking up with TYSH!

  3. Debrah Nadler September 25, 2015 11:17 am Reply

    Looks great. We LOVE our chips and homemade salsa.

    • Mr. Stoney September 25, 2015 1:24 pm Reply

      These Homemade chips are so good!! We quit buying them from the store we love these so much!

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