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One of the things bloggers like to do is read other blogs.  In fact it was from reading other blogs that I got the inspiration to start Stone Acres.  I thought today I would take the chance to high lite some of my favorite blogs!  I’m currently reading over 30 different blogs each week and they are all great, but here’s a few that you may or may not be reading ,that you should be!

One blog that I check every day is from the folks over at backyard farming.  Yesterday Micheal posted about something great happening at Chicago’s O’hare Airport.  They have started planting vertical gardens inside the airport!  Click this link to jump over to Backyard Farming and read Michael’s Post.

Another favorite blogger of mine is Suzy at Chiot’s Run.  This has to be one of the best gardening blogs on the web.  Suzy is a very talented photographer and the photo’s on her blog are amazing!  She is running a contest right now to give a way a super cool retro poster.  Yesterdays post on her site features a bunch of great old posters from World War II.  All of the posters are promoting Victory Gardens!

Ali over at Henbogle is another blogger that I read religiously.  This week she posted a link to the new USDA hardiness zones map.  Check out her post and the USDA link to see if your garden zone has change.  A lot of people are finding that they are now in a warmer zone!

Sometimes I really long for the warmth of the summer.  I’ve found that reading blogs from the other side of the world seems to help.  It’s the middle of summer there right now!  I’m reading two bloggers that live in Australia.    Rhonda at Down to Earth and Liz at Suburban Tomato both are helping me with my garden addiction during the winter.

Team Dean at Our Adventure is another blog that I read regularly.  They are both learning the tricks of self sufficiency and have some great posts on gardening, chicken care and many other topics.  Be sure to check out their blog as well!


  1. Lrong January 28, 2012 3:37 pm Reply

    Thank you for the hints… I read Liz’s blog, and will surely look up the blogs you mentioned…

  2. Jennie- Team Dean January 28, 2012 4:12 pm Reply

    Thanks Rick! We love reading you blog too! I am always saying to my husband…”ya know my bloggy friend, Rick. Well today he wrote about…”. 🙂

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