DIY Friday – Homemade Shoe Rack

This installment of DIY Friday, comes to you courtesy of our teenage son.  For months (or longer) our oldest daughter has been asking for a shoe rack for her closet.  After the move she was even more excited to get something to orgianzie her new closet.  She was out of town for a couple of day and her awesome brother decided to tackle the project as a surprise for her when she got back.

Here’s the end results.


He made a nice shoe rack designed to fit perfectly in the closet.


He based his design off this little old shoe rack that I made years ago to put our muddy shoes on at the back door.


As you can see he really improved it!  The legs are made from 2 x 4’s ripped on the table saw to 1 1/2 inches.


The cross members are made from 1×4’s that he ripped to 1 1/4 inches on the table saw.  He used the router and a 1/8 inch round over bit to round over all the edges.  He put it together using 1 1/4 inch brat nails, using my brothers brat nailer.  It went together pretty quickly using the nailer once all the parts were cut.  The biggest part of the job was all that routing.

It’s was really fun to see him do this project.  The design and nearly all the work were his own.  The only thing I helped him with was the cutting on the table saw (table saws are pretty dangerous, I figure if the school shop teacher doesn’t trust 15 year olds with a table saw, I shouldn’t either).  It was a pretty great way for a bored 15 year old to spend a summer afternoon.  I guess that woods class he took this year at school is really paying off!!


Of course his sister hurried and put it right in her closet!  It looks great!

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