Early March in our Year Round Garden

Early March in our year round garden

Hi guys!   I love doing my Monday Harvest reports, but I always feel like they are just a brag session for what I’m harvesting.  So in an attempt to make my Monday Harvest reports a little more useful to our readers I’m going to try and add a little more “meat” to them!  So this week I want to show you what is happening in our “year round garden” in Early March.  I’m doing this to give you an idea what is possible if you set your mind to having a year round garden.

I spent some time working out in the garden this weekend.  While I was there I snapped some photos.  So here’s what is happening in our Zone 5b garden in March.

What’s Growing

Spinach Year Round Garden

After today’s work we really only have one cold frame that has crops that we can harvest.  That’s the spinach/Swiss Chard bed.  This is one of my favorite beds in the year round garden.  As you can see the bed is looking pretty good.  We have been harvesting like crazy for the last two weeks.  Any time we need some greens for a salad or soup all we need to do, is run out and cut something from this bed!

Swiss Chard Year Round Garden

Look how good the Swiss Chard is looking!

Aphids Year Round Garden

The overwintered lettuce bed is starting to burn out!  Most of what is left is looking pretty spent. We have been harvesting pretty heavy from this bed all winter (which was awesome!)  But now we are starting to have a real aphid problem in this bed.  Over the last two weeks the warm weather has brought an early infestation of aphids.  This bed was right next to a tomato bed last fall that was just swarming with aphids.  Some of them must have snuck over to this cold frame bed and survived the winter.  As bad as I hate to do it, I’m going to have to pull up what’s left of the smaller plants, leave the lids off this box for a few cold nights and see if the frost can kill off the aphids before they spread.  Then I will dig this bed up and plant potatoes in it next week.  I’ll have to move the spring lettuce somewhere else.  This means we will have about a month or so without lettuce, which is kind of a bummer!

Daffodills Year Round Garden

Here are a few other early signs of spring.  All the Daffodils & Tulips are up and growing!

Chives Year Round Garden

I also noticed that the chives have poked through the ground and are starting to grow again!  It will be nice to have a couple of year old plants that we can harvest from this year!

Garlic Year Round Garden

And look how great the garlic is looking, we should have an early crop this year!

What have we been Planting

On Saturday the weather was nice and the soil dry so I did a little planting!  This was the winter carrot bed.  I dug up what was left of the carrots and then planted a row of lettuce, 2 short rows of radishes, a few turnips and 4 rows of spring carrots!.  The balance of this cold frame bed will be planted to our spring lettuce!

Planting Year Round Garden

You will remember from my post on peas two weeks back that I’m trying to get the soil warmed up early this year to get my peas off to a quick start.  I covered the bed with clear plastic to keep it dry and to warm the soil up.  Well it’s working.  Two weeks ago the soil temp at 2 inches was 42 degrees.  Now that bed is sitting at 65 degrees, the perfect temperature for planting peas.  So I will be getting them in as soon as I can this week!

Soil Temp Year Round Garden

Also this week we will be planting our spring potatoes in the cold frame, where we are taking the lettuce out.  And if our onion order gets here we will get those in as well!

Lettuce Year Round Garden

The seedlings are looking great!  These 10 or so lettuce plants will go out this week after we get them a couple more good waterings with some fertilizer!

Seedlings Year Round Garden

The Cole crops are also starting to look really nice!  All of them have their first set of true leaves and are coming along well.  They should be ready to go out the first week of April.

Harvest for the Week

Harvest Year Round Garden

We are getting 1 or 2 nice harvests a week from the spinach/Swiss chard bed.  Each picking is about 1/2 pound so we have picked 1 1/2 pounds over the last 2 weeks.

Lettuce Harvest

This will be the last big harvest of lettuce for a while.  We had to do a lot of washing to get rid of all the aphids.  This picking was about a pound,  over the last two weeks we have harvested 2 pounds total.


And we dug up the last of the winter carrots Saturday.  4 pounds total.  Our winter carrot harvest was pretty disappointing this year.  We had a super wet August last fall and that really affected the germination of our carrots.  Only 5 pounds for the winter is pitiful!  Oh well!  There’s always next year right?

So our totals for the last 2 weeks are:
Spinach/Chard – 1.5 lbs
Lettuce – 2 lbs
Carrots – 4 lbs
Total – 7.5 lbs

That brings our annual total to 12 pounds.  Not to shabby for March!

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  1. Daphne March 9, 2015 5:43 am Reply

    That looks pretty good to me for March. Not that I ever harvest in March here. My beds are mostly in shade all winter long, so I can’t grow then.


  2. Margaret March 9, 2015 10:43 am Reply

    Those greens look great – hopefully we’ll be able to harvest some by the end of April.


  3. Deborah March 10, 2015 10:49 am Reply

    You can brag–that way us zone 4’s can be inspired 🙂 . Your veggies all look lovely, nice job!


  4. Green Bean March 11, 2015 9:48 am Reply
  5. Terri Presser March 12, 2015 2:05 pm Reply

    This is a great post and I think your swiss chard is silverbeet in Australia and it is such a handy vegetable to have year round. Thank you for sharing you garden and harvest with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


  6. Mindie March 15, 2015 7:28 pm Reply

    I would love to grow year round, but without hoop houses (a goal someday) our Michigan winters are not to friendly to plants when it dips past -30. 🙁 Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop!

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