Egg Toaster Sandwiches

It’s time again for me to report on our progress for the dark days challenge.  You will remember that the challenge is to eat one meal a week that is as close to 100% local as possible.   We are trying really hard to find local sources of ingredients and we are having a hard time with some items.  I will report on our progress as the challenge progresses.

Today we decided to do another breakfast for dinner.  The main reason we did this is we are getting a little backed up on eggs!!  We decided to do egg toaster sandwiches.  I’m going to call this one a 95% local meal again, we had turkey bacon again and that wasn’t local.  Here’s a list of what we used and where it came from:


Ingredients                    Source                                                 Distance

Eggs                             The chicks in the backyard               100 feet

Potatoes                       From our garden stores                    100 feet

Sandwich Bread           Dunford Bakery                                  10 miles

Cheese                         Gosner Cheese                                 100 miles

Muffin Mix                     Lehi Roller Mill                                    15 miles

Turkey Bacon              Minnesota                                           Very far

We have been super busy so we didn’t have time to make homemade muffins.  Instead we used a mix from Lehi Roller Mills, a local specialty mill that makes these mixes at their mill that is in the town of Lehi about 15 miles south of us.

This one is pretty easy, Fry up the eggs

Put an egg, some cooked bacon and shredded cheese on the bread and then grill the sandwiches on a well greased griddle.

We also shredded some left-over baked potatoes to make hash browns.

Add a muffin or two and you have a super quick, very local meal!!

To learn more about the Dark Days Challenge visit the folks over at Not Dabbling In Normal.  Also don’t forget to check out Thursday Kitchen Cupboard at The Gardener of Eden.


  1. Robin December 15, 2011 4:06 pm Reply

    What a wonderful hearty breakfast!

  2. Mrs.Pickles December 16, 2011 11:29 am Reply
  3. Norma Chang December 16, 2011 4:35 pm Reply

    Breakfast for dinner, great idea. Eggs from your own backyard, what a treat!

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