Fall and Winter Garden Progress

Over the weekend I gave you a tour of how the warm season vegetables are doing in our garden.  Today I thought I’d give you a chance to see how the cool season veggies are doing.

Lets start out in the lettuce bed.  We planted out all of our lettuce starts for the season over the weekend.  Here you can see our favorite lettuce, Buttercrunch.  We never seem to have enough of it so this year we planted 10 whole starts.

Also planted in this bed are 8 bok choy.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with bok choy, it is a Chinese cabbage that is great in stir fries and salads.

Here’s another of our favorite lettuces, we call this one Larry’s red and it is excellent in the fall!

You will notice in the photos that I have already put the boxes out for the cold frames.  I figured frost is only a couple of weeks away so i may as well get them out now instead of rushing the night of the first frost!  This bed has a total of 36 plants in it.  I’ve never planted a cold frame bed quite this intensely but we really wanted to have a lot of greens for late fall and early winter.  We will start harvesting from this bed in about a month and it will last until December.

This is the winter carrot bed.  I’m super happy with this bed this year.  We were really careful to keep this bed moist and it paid off with almost 100% germination.  We won’t start eating these carrots until late December and January.

This is a little experiment we are trying.  We needed a spot to over winter some kale.  So this year we put it behind one of the cold frames right next to the fence.  I’m hoping this will be an extra warm spot where this kale can slowly grow over the winter with just a little protection from some row cover fabric.

Here’s our fall crop of kale.  We have started eating a little of this but it is still pretty strongly flavored.  We will really get busy eating this after the frost sweetens the flavor.  Believe it or not this kale was actually planted in August of 2011.  It went to seed this spring and I never got around to pulling it out.  I’m glad I didn’t because the plants have recovered and are producing lots of new leaves.

This is another experiment.  These are Kohl Rabi starts.  I’ve read that you can get Kohl Rabi to grow this late in the year if you offer some protection.  This is one of the sunniest spots in the yard so hopefully we will get to harvest these little guys!

Here’s a shot of the broccoli I planted about 6 weeks ago.  These are in a hoop house  so that if they need it they can have some protection later in the season.  The plants are getting really close to starting to produce heads!!

Here’s some more broccoli and a few cabbage plants.  If needed I will put  a hoop over these as well.  These starts were younger when they were put in.  They look healthy but they are in an area of the garden that doesn’t get as much sun so these are really in a race against time!  The cabbage is starting to form heads so that’s a good sign!

This is our fall carrot bed.  I did a little exploring and some of these carrots are ready to harvest.  We will leave them in for a little longer and let them get a bigger.  Also the cooler weather and frost will help to sweeten them up!  This is a pretty small patch but I’m really happy with how they look!

And last but not least is our fall pea crop!  I have been experimenting for years trying to get the timing right to have a fall pea crop.  I finally got it.  We planted these in mid July and have been harvesting peas for about a week now.  And you’ll notice the plants are loaded with blossoms.  Now that I’ve got the timing figured out I’m going to have to find more space next year, this small 4 x 4 plot won’t produce much.

Well there you have it.  The fall and winter garden is well on it’s way, these beds will start producing harvests in about a month, right when the last of the summer crops stop producing.


  1. Jenny September 25, 2012 12:36 pm Reply

    Your fall garden looks fanstastic! Mine are just starting to take shape as they were planted very late. one bed will be a hoop house but the rest are open so i hope for a long and mild fall.


  2. Patsy September 25, 2012 1:46 pm Reply

    I am so impressed with your Fall garden! Everything looks so healthy and you are all prepared to protect the plants to get some good eats even when the weather is cold. I can certainly learn a thing or two from you!


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