Fall Images

Fall is in full swing here at Stoney Acres and the yard is coming alive with color.  You’ll notice that the predominant fall color here in Utah is yellow, we do get some reds as well but for the most part yellow is the color scheme for most valley trees in Utah.









Not everything is thinking about winter, these fall planted peas are just getting started.  They will be protected by a hoop house soon but for now we are letting the bees do their work.


This is the last hold out from summer on the rose bushes.




Another hold out from summer is this holly hock still doing it’s best to bloom through the frosty weather.


October setum is one of our favorite fall plants, they take almost any type of soil and need zero care, which is always a plus for flowing plants on our place.



Corn stalks always pull double duty around here as fall decorations, they will stay up until it’s time for the Christmas decorations to go out.  Happy Fall!!

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  1. kitsapFG October 26, 2011 7:28 am Reply

    Lots of fall color at your homestead! Our property and surroundinga area has become ablaze with color the past week or so. Our Japanese Maples in the front drive area are glow in the dark red at the moment. Lots of beautiful fall colors everywhere I look – makes my morning commute into work very scenic and inspiring.


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