February is Seed Starting Month on Stoney Acres

February is seed starting month on Stoney Acres.  Be sure to check back with us all month as we give you tons of tips on growing your own garden seedlings indoors!

Seed Starting Month #1

February is Seed Starting Month on Stoney Acres

Spring is just around the corner!  Days with 10 hours or more of sunlight are also arriving in your garden again very soon.  So that means it’s time to starting thinking about getting seedlings started indoors, to go out to your garden when the cold weather breaks.

Seed Starting Month

To help you get an early start on your seed starting I’ve decided to dedicate the entire month of February to Indoor Seed Starting.  Here’s what you can look forward to this month on the blog:


– At least once or twice per week I will send out a newsletter to all of my subscribers with a seed starting tip.  I have around 11 different tips for you so expect to see a few more emails from me this month than you might other months.  If you are not already a newsletter subscriber sign up here and you will also get a free video course!!


– All of my 5 Minute Friday Videos will focus on Seed Starting.  Expect a new video each week on a seed starting topic.  I will send out an email when a new video goes live, but if you would like to catch them sooner then either subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here, or Like my Facebook page here.


– If you miss any of the emails or Videos I will be posting links to all the resources on this special Seed Starting Month page on the Blog.


– And for the whole month of February my Seed Starting Simplified Video Course will be on sale for only $15.  This 2.5 hour course will teach you everything you need to know about seed starting.  And in honor of Seed Starting Month I will be creating at least 2 new segments that will be special just for the video course students.  Learn more about the course and buy it for only $15 here.


My hope is that this big focus on Seed Starting will help you learn more and convince you to begin Starting your own garden seedlings indoors this year.  If you have questions as the month goes on please let me know and I’m happy to work on new content to help answer your questions.

Seed Starting Month
Seed Starting Resources:

February Seed Starting Schedule

Seed Starting Basics

Seed Starting Course – The Online Gardening School

Our Indoor Seed Starting Set up

Check back often, I will be adding new resources and updating  a few older posts all month, as I do that I will add them to this page!!

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