Flowers of Stoney Acres

Okay for the most part if you can’t eat it we don’t grow it around here.  But we still have a few flowers.  Here’s a quick tour of what’s still blooming this fall.

Mrs. Stoney loves Morning Glory.  Any where there is an empty space she’ll plant it.

I really like Sun Flowers, the great thing about them is you really only need to plant them once and you will have “volunteers” for years to come.

This Rose of Sharon is at least 8 years old and was here before we move in.  It never seemed to do much until we transplanted it to a sunny spot near our deck.  Now it thrives!

The former owner of our place loved Hollyhocks, they planted them all over the yard.  We have thinned their numbers over the years but we still let a few seeds come up every year.

This Trumpet Vine is a favorite of the local humming birds!

Butterfly Bushes are easy to take care of and offer these nice bunches of flowers for most of the summer and fall.

This last picture is proof that even in the city there can be some beautiful scenery.    Believe it or not our 9 year old took this picture.  Maybe I should just turn the camera duties over to her.

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