Fruit Overload!!!

With the garden reaching its maximum production for the last two weeks we are overwhelmed with produce.  But something that usually doesn’t happen to us is hitting us hard this year.  Fruit Overload.


Here’s one days pickings of melons from the garden.  4 cantaloupe (a total of 10 pounds) the first Crenshaw Melon of the season (10 pounds) and the very last watermelon (21 pounds).  That’s 41 pounds of melons in one day!!


Add to that our very generous “garden landlords” and some generous neighbors and we are just swimming in fruit!!  The folks that own the garden we are borrowing were on vacation for a while.  While they were gone we were taking care of watering their garden.  They have a very large raspberry patch where they grow berries that they usually sell at the local farmers market.  They told us while they were gone we could pick all the raspberries we want!  This patch is huge and all the ripe berries would go to waste.  We stopped by today to pick the patch thinking we would get a small bucket but we were surprised!!  We picked 9 pounds of berries!  Wow, we are really grateful for their generosity!!


Needless to say our chins are dripping with melon juices and we are trying to figure out what to do will all this fruit!!  Most of the berries will be frozen for winter and we are even trying to freeze some of the melons.  We have never tried freezing melons so it will be interesting.  Once frozen you cant really thaw and eat melons, but we are planing on eating them frozen or adding them to smoothies or slushes!!

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  1. Nancy Davis September 6, 2013 9:02 pm Reply

    I like fruit overload because then I have some for the freezer plus our eating now! Enjoy! Nancy

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