Grow What You Eat, Eat what you Grow – Planting Onion Seedlings

Planting onion Seedlings is the best way to grow onions in my opinion!  This quick and simple method for planting onions produces the strongest corps and the healthiest bulbs!


Planting Onion Seedlings

A few weeks back I wrote a post on planting onion seedlings.  That post ended up being super popular, so much so that it inspired me to film this weeks Grow what you Eat, Eat what you Grow Video on the same topic!


There are several great sources for onion seedlings across the US.  My favorite is Dixondale Farms.  You can follow the link to the Dixondale site and order onions there.  Or look for their products in your local nurseries.  That link is not an affiliate link, I just love Dixondale and wanted to recommend them too you!

When you are choosing varieties of onions to plant please be sure to choose the types that will grow best in your area.  There are 3 options to choose from, short day, intermediate and long day.   Short day are meant for those of you that live in the north.  Long day are for those of you in the south.  If you live in the middle part of the US then intermediate will do the best, but you may find that you can grow any of the 3 successfully as there is quite a bit of overlap.

You want to get onion seedlings planted as early in the spring as possible.  As soon as things dry out enough to work the soil you can get onions planted.  Onions are super hardy and some of my best crops of onions started out their lives with a 3 inch layer of snow on them only a week after they were planted.  So get them in early!!

So here’s this weeks video!

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