Growing corn in hills – Video Tip

At the first of this year I did a post about Growing Corn in hills.  This proved to be such a popular post that I decided to do a YouTube video as well!

Growing corn in hills

Gardening Tips: Growing Corn in Hills

Sometimes growing corn is hard! Well okay maybe hard isn’t the right word, Space Consuming, might be a better description. Growing corn using traditional methods just takes up a lot of space!! That isn’t a big deal if you live on a large plot of land, but if your like me and you just have a little lot, dedicating space to corn can be a big sacrifice.

For years that was just a sacrifice I wan’t willing to make. But 8 years ago I discovered a new method for growing corn. Growing corn in hills! This simple, space saving method allows you to grow small quantities of corn and still have the corn in close enough proximity that you get proper pollination!

What the video for a complete break down of the process, but a simple summary is growing corn in hills involves planting 5 to 7 corn plants all within a 12 to 18 inch “hill”. Growing the corn close together like this in clumps allows the corn to still pollinate correctly. This is great especially if you only have a little space OR only want a little bit of corn.

Please go take a look!!  There’s lots of good info in this video.

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This video, How to Cure and Store Garlic, is part of my Grow what you Eat, Eat what you grow video series.  Check out my YouTube channel for a growing list of practical gardening tips.  I try to film videos that are really going to help you in your garden.  You may even be able to learn from a few of my mistakes along the way. (Hopefully I won’t make too many!)

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Happy Gardening!

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