Harvest Monday 11-28-2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  We sure did.  In fact we had so much fun and relaxation that I have to offer an apology to my blog readers.  I got a little behind on my post writing and I just didn’t have the gumption to post over the weekend.  Please forgive me!!  I have lots of good stuff coming this week including an update on the chickens, some info on what to do with all those leaves now that they are finally down, our first book review and a great recipe for a huckleberry pie!


Harvesting is slow this time of year.  The lack of sunlight really slows down the growth of the cold frame crops.  We really won’t see much growth again in the cold frames for around 8 weeks or maybe a little longer.  What is in the cold frames is in “cold storage” and is holding up well.

We had another big picking of lettuce this week.  3/4’s of a pound yesterday. That will last us until mid week.  We have a salad almost once a day this time of year.  But even with that much eating we are still struggling to keep up with the lettuce.  I’m starting to see some freeze damage on some of the leaves.  I think by the end of the week I will harvest most of the more mature lettuce in the east cold frame.  We may have to give a lot of it a way to keep it from going bad.

We started getting serious about harvesting our carrots this week.  We have two full beds of carrots this year so we will be eating them a lot over the next 2 or 3 months.  I pulled up two full rows that totaled 2 pounds.  We ate most of them raw with a delicious dill and sour cream dip in our Thanksgiving relish tray.

Garden grown and homemade foods made up a good portion of our thanksgiving feast.  We had potatoes from storage, carrots in the relish tray, Mrs. Stoney’s world famous made from scratch rolls and a delicious apple pie.  You’ll remember a few weeks ago I reported on the apples we gleaned from my in-laws tree.  A lot of those apples ended up in this handmade pie.  Mrs. Stoney out did her self this year in the pie category, along with two of these apple pies we also had banana cream and a huckleberry pie that I will feature with a recipe on Thursday.


Here’s this weeks totals:

  • Lettuce – ¾ lb
  • Carrots – 2 lbs
  • Ripened green tomatoes – ¼ lb
  • Eggs – 36


The total of 2 ¾ pounds brings our annual total to 726.50 pounds.  To see what other gardeners are harvesting be sure to check out the weekly harvest reports at Daphne’s Dandelions.


  1. Mary Hysong November 28, 2011 1:42 pm Reply

    Your lettuce is lovely! I was starved for fresh home grown so have been picking it by the leaf instead of by the head! I love fresh homegrown carrots, they don’t have that bitter aftertaste that store bought does. My kids used to sneak out and eat them when they were little, acting all sneaky-quiet. I’d watch from the window and smile. 😉


  2. kitsapFG November 29, 2011 7:08 am Reply

    I wish our lettuce was as abundant as your winter crop is being. Unfortunately, the biggest patch of lettuces was mowed down by slugs before it could get established so we are nursing along a small patch of lettuce while I bring some young starts along in the house to transplant out in the green house later this winter. Sounds like your Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and a real celebration of good eating from the garden.


    • Rick November 29, 2011 11:03 am Reply

      Next time you could try some Slug-go to help protect the seedlings. It’s an organic slug & snail bait that we use to help protect our crops. We used it for the first time this year and it worked pretty well. It is non toxic to kids and pets. I know you can get it from Johnny Seeds, but it should be available from other sources as well.

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