Harvest Monday 9-12-2001

The garden keeps rolling along here at Stoney Acres.  Here’s a look at what we harvested last week:


Two more watermelons finished ripening including this 6 pound Crimson Sweet and a very small 2 pound Sugar Baby.


Crimson Sweet Watermelon

The strawberries are still humming along with another 5 pounds this week.  We now have 3 big gallon size bags in the freezer for toppings all winter.  These two never made it to the freezer!!

The raspberries are slowly gaining speed we picked 2 small bowls like this one in the last 2 days, they should really start coming on next week.

Yellow crook neck squash is over running our kitchen.  We planted a lot of these this year so that we could feed some to the chickens.  It turns out  chickens don’t really like it all that much, so I guess we will have a freezer full this year.

The weather really cooled this week and that has slowed the ripening tomatoes, we only picked  a couple this week but the plants are loaded with a bunch that are almost ready so we should be back canning next week.  There were a bunch of cherry tomatoes that we ate today along with a few cucumbers.

The tail end our our corn harvest has arrived.  Although still very tasty about all we have left are more like these tiny ears we picked on Saturday.

The big numbers came from our onions this week.  They were dug three weeks ago and finished curing today.  The final weigh in for onions this year was 68 pounds!!  That’s a solid 20 pounds more than we will need to take us to next spring so we will be sharing a bunch with family and neighbors.


  1. kitsapFG September 13, 2011 6:52 am Reply

    That is an outstanding onion harvest! Well done!

    We had a terrible onion production year so it looks particularly appealing to me. We wrapped up the corn patch this past week as well. And, like you, our chickens do not like summer squash and it is not a good fodder for them despite the summer bounty they provide. We grew a large patch of turnips this spring and the chickens loved the tops and we ate the roots. The chickens actually love the turnip roots as well if you chop them up for them.


    • Rick September 13, 2011 8:44 am Reply

      Thanks for the reply, too bad you don’t live a little closer and I’d be more than happy to share some onions, we usually only eat about 30-40 lbs so we need to give some away!!

  2. Julie September 17, 2011 9:14 pm Reply

    Take your squash and shredded it with zuchinni and then use it in breads and muffins and cakes. It works great. It also works with pumpkin puree. Just an idea what to do with so many.


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