Harvest Monday 9-5-2011

Late August and Early September is the big harvest time around Stoney Acres.

I’ve decided to participate in Daphne’s Monday Harvest  series.  Each Monday I will post a quick report on what we harvested the prior week around our place.  I’m not really big on weighting every little thing that comes out of the garden.  I tried it a few years ago and it was just too big of a pain.  But I do like to weigh some items including tomatoes, potatoes, onions and strawberries.  I’ll try to do a little better on the weighing so that you have an idea of how much we get.

Tomatoes were the big producer this week.  We picked 18 pounds of Celebrity and Beef Steak and almost a pound of cherry tomatoes.

We got about a dozen ears of corn this week, that was supplemented by corn we bought at the farmers market.









The ever-bearing strawberries are going crazy.  We pick them about every other day and we harvested almost 6 pounds for the second week in a row.









We had our first ripe water melon this week, it weighed in at 7 lbs and was delicious.









This weeks totals were rounded out with a zucchini, 4 or 5 crook neck squash, 2 peppers and a hand full of raspberries.

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