Harvest Totals Monday September 19, 2011

This week was all about melons around Stoney Acres.  Because of our cold wet spring our water melons and cantaloupe have been very slow to ripen.  We are a full month behind, it is usually mid August when we are swamped with this many melons.  At least the weather stayed warm enough for them to ripen.

You can see the last Sugar Baby watermelon in this picture.  It was really small but went perfectly with breakfast AFTER the kids went to school and it was just the two of us.  The cantaloupe are “Heart of Gold” it’s a nice sweet melon although not as big as some we have grown.


Crimson Sweet melons did well for us this year.  The bulk of our watermelons were this variriety.  These are the last of the bigger ones.  There are still 3 very small ones ripening.  For the week we harvested a total of 5 water melons and 5 cantaloupe.

After taking most of last week off, the tomatoes were back at it again this week.  We got a total of 15 lbs for the week, enough to can 4 more quarts.  We also got a few peppers.

Our one lone head of cabbage that survived the slug and snail attack was ready this week.  We added some carrots and sauce and made it into a very tasty cold slaw.

We had a few more summer squash this week, most of these went to my sister for a great batch of  Ratatouille.

The raspberries are finally coming on strong.  We got a couple pickings this size this week.  Only a few made it to the freezer for winter storage as it’s hard to resist eating all of these early pickings.

We have two kale plants that have been putting on a lot of growth as the weather has cooled a bit the last two weeks.  This kale and New Zealand spinach were added to a fantastic pasta dish my wife makes.

And finally we had the last big pickings of strawberries for the year.  We had one picking that totaled about 2 pounds and this little one on Saturday.  We will continue to see strawberries as late as November 1st but not nearly as many as in the summer.

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  1. kitsapFG September 21, 2011 7:32 am Reply

    Hurrah for the melon harvests! Our squash family plants are struggling this year due to our abnormally cool summer we had – so I will enjoy looking at your beautiful melons because there sure is none to be had in our garden!


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