Home Remodeling Project – #1 The Family Room

As most of my regular readers know Stoney Acres relocated in 2013.  We have been in the new house for 8 months now and we are finally finishing up the last of the remodeling projects.  The home we bought was a short sale which means after a long wait we ended up getting a pretty good deal.  But it also meant that the house was pretty beat!  By the time we moved in it had been sitting vacant for more than a year.  We had a lot of projects to do to make it livable and then a lot more to make it nice.  Fortunately being self employed allowed me to take some time off to get all of the major projects out of the way  before we moved in, but for the last 8 months most of our weekends have been taken up by one project or another.

I’ve been wanting to post about our projects for a while but just haven’t had the time.  I will try to do a post every week for a while to show you guys what is possible with a little hard work and determination.  I”m super proud of what we did as a family (everyone, even the littler ones participated).  So here we go with the first in a series of posts on our home remodel.

Project #1 – The Family Room



So here are a few before shots.




This room was really the worst of the rooms in the house.  The carpet was just gross!  It was some kind of commercial grade carpet that was really showing it’s age.  Top it off with that green wall and this room really needed help!


The first order of business was to gut the room, we took out the carpet and tack board.  The former owners had dogs and they had really beat up the trim all over the house so that came down too!


And there was tile in front of the fire place that had to come up.  That ended up being quite the job as the tile had been attached directly to the cement floor.


The green wall needed a coat of primer and we spent hours spackling holes in the wall and sanding them smooth.


Here’s a shot after the paint was done but before the floors went in.


We chose a high grade laminate flooring made by Mannington.  We ended up putting this flooring in the family room, dinning room, kitchen and front room.  So far we are pretty impressed with it.  It’s pretty low maintenance and is beautiful.  The only complaint we have is if you drop something hard or sharp on it, it can scratch.


It was relatively easy to install, but it was time consuming.  I will do a separate post on the actual install of the floor.


We took the flooring all the way to the garage door, this smaller section was a little tricky to install.  A lot more cuts and corners to deal with!


We chose a 4 inch shaker style trim.  We love the simple lines it creates and the finished look.  The 4 inch trim also helped to cover up the years of beatings the lower parts of the wall took from the former owners dogs.


Here’s a shot of the finished product just prior to move in.  Looks great doesn’t it.


Mrs. Stoney chose the flooring and I think she did an awesome job, it was just the look we were going for!


Here’s the finished room with pictures and furniture.  We are so happy with the way this room turned out!


We also used the flooring on the stairs.  It looks super good but was kind of a pain to do, if I were to do it over this might be the one thing I would change, I think I would just go with carpet on these stairs.


Here’s another shot of the back of the room.


We also love the look of the trim, crisp, white and simple!



We still have one project to finish in this room, Mrs. Stoney wants to change the tile around the fire place and we will paint the mantle white to match the trim.  This one is still being debated, we may go as far as replacing the mantle completely and adding book shelves to both sides, but that’s a project for down the road.

This was the first of about a billion projects that we completed, most of them ran concurrently so as you can imagine the house was a mess for a while.  Check back next week for look at our next project.

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  1. Hannah February 15, 2014 8:08 pm Reply

    Your remodeling project looks great! It’s wonderful to have a laminate floor after having to deal with the higher maintenance of carpet. We put one in our basement and really enjoy just sweeping it. I like the rustic look of your floor.


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