How to Cure and Store Garlic – Video Tip

This weeks edition of Grow what you Eat, Eat what you Grow is about How to Cure and Store Garlic.  This is a simple but often over looked part of growing a successful crop of garlic in your backyard garden.

How to Cure and Store Garlic

There are 3 conditions that you need to know when learning how to cure and store garlic.  I cover all three of these things and stress why each is so important.  In this video tutorial I talk about the best places to cure your garlic and how long you need to let it cure before you bring it in to store it.  I also cover some of the best practices for storing your garlic to make it last as long as possible!!  There are differences on storage life between hard neck and soft neck varieties of garlic.  I also discuss these differences and which ones you should be eating up first!!  You can watch the video below:


Please go take a look!!  There’s lots of good info in this video.

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This video, How to Cure and Store Garlic, is part of my Grow what you Eat, Eat what you grow video series.  Check out my YouTube channel for a growing list of practical gardening tips.  I try to film videos that are really going to help you in your garden.  You may even be able to learn from a few of my mistakes along the way. (Hopefully I won’t make too many!)

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Happy Gardening!

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  1. Diane Holland-Watley September 6, 2016 9:44 pm Reply

    I am learning to grow a smaller garden due to back injury. I am grateful for any tips to grow year round in Eastern NC. To avoid the expense of shopping. I wish I could afford your course, maybe if i get back to working following surgery.

    • Mr. Stoney September 8, 2016 8:34 am Reply

      I try to be general with most of my growing guides so they would help you. I’d also suggest you spend a lot of time at your local library, there are a million fantastic books out there! You should also look into taking some courses from a local gardener or gardening club. They will be able to help you with the area specific questions you might have.

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