Indoor seed starting setup- Free Garden Video!

I finally got a chance to sit down and film and edit a new YouTube video this week.  The topic is a tour of my indoor seed starting setup!

Indoor seed starting setup

I think learning to start your own seedlings indoors is one of the most important things a gardener can learn to do.  Starting your own seedlings opens up a whole new world of plant varieties and options for your back yard garden.  There are so many plants that you just can’t get at your local nursery.  So if you want to grow them then you need to start them yourself!


With spring quickly approaching I thought it would be a good time to start filming my weekly gardening tips again.  So today I set out for the garage with my new mic in hand to take you on a tour of my seed starting set up!


Here’s the video:

Indoor Seed Starting Set up


For those of you looking for the seed starting course coupon please follow this link!

In the video I promised some more pictures of the shelf structure along with a materials list:

Tools Needed:

Circular Saw or Hand saw

Electric Drill

1/8 inch drill bit for pre-drilling

Materials needed:

7- 8 foot 2×2’s

1 box 2 inch screws

4 hooks

2 4 foot shop lights

2 pieces of shelving (Material of your choice) 48 inches long by 20 inches wide

Cut List

Cut the 2×2’s as follows

4 – 48 inch boards

5 – 60 inch boards

8 – 17.5 inch boards

Indoor seed starting setup 4
Assembly of your Indoor seed starting setup

1. Assemble the sides first, each side has two 5 foot boards and two 17.5 inch boards.  The 17.5 inch boards go on the inside and are attached using a couple of screws driven through the 5 foot boards.  Two of the 17.5 inch boards go on the top and 2 at 30 inches measured down from the top.


2.  Connect the two sides with the four 48 inch boards, these boards again go at the top and at 30 inches measured down from the top.

Indoor seed starting setup 2

3.  Add the extra four 17.5 inch boards in about 4 inches from the ends connecting the two sides.  These extra boards are to hang the lights from and to add extra support.

Indoor seed starting setup 3

4.  Finally screw the shelves down with 3 screws on each side driven into the 48 inch side boards.


That’s it!  It is really quite simple to put this indoor seed starting setup together!

Seed Starting Banner $20 300x250

Here’s the coupon I promised on my seed starting course in the video, just click on the link above.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video!

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  1. dana thompson March 4, 2017 12:23 pm Reply

    What a great set up! Something for me to look at doing during the winter for our place (southern hemisphere). Thank you.

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