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I am excited to announce the launch of The Online Gardening School.

Online Gardening School

2 years ago I launched my first online gardening video course on  Since that time I have filmed and published 5 more courses.  Udemy is a great online education platform but I have always wanted to host my courses on my own site.  Now I’m excited that it is finally a reality.  The Online Gardening School is live and accepting new students!!  Just go to

We have a total of 6 video courses on The Online Gardening School:

Year Round Gardening

YRG Cover Photo

Seed Starting Simplified

Updated Cover for You tube

The Beginners Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening Basics - Cover Photo

PVC Drip Irrigation

PVC Cover Photo

Growing Tomato Heaven

Cover Photo

5 crops to grow for your Food Storage

Top 5 Cover Photo

You will love this new site!  This will be the perfect place to learn and also to establish a community of gardening students!

Hosting my courses on my own site allows me to do several new things:

  1.  I have a long list of shorter courses I would like to film.  These courses will cover one topic, for example: Growing Potatoes.  These courses will be around 1 hour long and I feel like $10 is a good price for a course like that.  But Udemy wont let me charge that little.  So now a whole world of new topics opens up to us.  Students will even be able to request topics!
  2. Master courses – I will also now be able to film much longer “master courses”.  These will be longer more valuable courses.
  3. Community – Students on The Online Gardening School will be able to join our Facebook group where they can ask questions, share successes and all become better gardeners!
  4. Package deals – I can now offer more specials and group courses together and sell them as packages!


If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about this change!

Grand Opening Specials

To celebrate the launch of the new school I’m offering 2 ways to join!

First – Buy any of my courses for 50% off.  Follow these links to get that price:

Year Round Gardening – $20

Seed Starting Simplified – $15

Vegetable Gardening Basics – $15

Growing Tomato Heaven – $10

PVC Drip Irrigation – $10

Second – Buy all my courses in one giant bundle and save $100 today!

Course Bundle $60

I’m offering a fantastic bundle deal for you.  Buy all 6 of my courses (Regular combined price $160) for the one time Grand Opening price of only $60.  That is a $100 savings for you.  You get all 6 courses, almost 15 hours of content, for only $60!

Because this is such a great deal I do have to limit this to the first 30 people to sign up.


What does this mean to those of you that already own some of my courses on Udemy?  Nothing!  There will be no change to the courses on Udemy, you will continue to watch your courses there and have full access.  Any updates I make to the courses will be made on both sites.  I will also continue to add many courses to both sites, but there will be a few of the courses that will only be available at The Online Gardening School.  Should you decide you would like to move your ownership of your Udemy courses to The Online Gardening School, contact me at and we can take care of it for a very small transfer fee ($1 per course).


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