Monday Harvest Report 12-19-2011

Not much to report this week.  In fact our fridge is still so packed with all the lettuce we picked 2 weeks ago that we didn’t even need to open the cold frames up.

So the only harvesting we did at all this week was in the chicken coop.  The hens provided us with 33 eggs this week.  That’s down about 10% again from last week.  We had one day where we only had 2 eggs!!  But the next day they bounced back with 5.

So no change in our annual total of 736.50 pounds.  I do expect to harvest some carrots next week and bring in the rest of the green tomatoes which are now ripe.  I think we will come in pretty close to 740 lbs with the two weeks we have left in the year.

Don’t forget to stop by Daphne’s Dandelions for more harvest reports from around the world.  I will leave you this week with a few frosty pictures from around the yard.





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