Monday Harvest Report – August 10, 2015

We had a beautiful weather week. We started out with a really good rain storm on Monday followed by 4 days in the high 80’s and another day of rain Friday and into Saturday. That meant we didn’t need to water the garden at all this week, which is super unusual for Utah in August!


We had our largest harvest week so far this year and more that half of it came from our beets. Friday night we braved the rain storm and dug up all our beets so that we could pickle them. This basket full is what was left over after we did two batches of our favorite pickled beets. The left overs will be eaten up or given to neighbors.


We also had a mess of beet greens! We are not huge beet green fans, we did eat a few, but most of these went to neighbors.


Of course we had the normal harvests for this time of year.  Cherry tomatoes and the last of the broccoli side shoots.  I went out to harvest the broccoli and discovered the plants were infested with a bunch of aphids.  So I took off the last of the broccoli and tore out all the plants to prevent them from spreading to the tomatoes and the rest of the garden.


The zucchini continues to produce faithfully, giving us 2 or 3 nice fruit per week.  We are also starting to see a few more cucumbers.


We had three total cucumbers this week, but the plants are loaded and I expect we will have 10 or more next week.


We also dug a few potatoes and turned them into Potato Pancakes for breakfast on Saturday.  Yum!  We got the recipe from a blogging friend Kelly over at Little Fall Creek.  Follow this link for the recipe.  They were awesome!!


We had two pickings of strawberries and raspberries, both totaling a pound each.


It was finally time to clean up and weigh the garlic.  We had a decent harvest this year.  The total was 5 pounds.  Not bad, but it will only last us 3 or so months.  I’m really going to have to find more space in the garden for garlic next year!


We also got a basket of herbs, basil and chamomile.


And this bunch of New Zealand spinach.  This NZ spinach comes from a volunteer plant that was in the way when we were planting our fall garden, so we pulled it out and it will make some nice salads for the next week!


Speaking of the fall/winter garden.  We got it planted this week.  We are officially a week late as I normally target August 1st for my planting date.  But some family parties and all that rain got in the way.  We finally got carrots, spinach, chard and lettuce planted in this bed late Saturday.  And I also got some seedlings started indoors.


This tray of lettuce, 3 kinds of broccoli and kale will get planted some time this week.  The plants just need a few days to harden off out in the garden.

Here’s this weeks totals:
Potatoes – 4.25 lbs
Tomatoes – 1.75 lbs
Cucumbers – 1 lbs
Beets – 20 lbs
Beet Greens – 1.50 lbs
NZ Spinach – 1.50 lbs
Zucchini – 3.25 lbs
Berries – 2 lbs
Herbs – .25 lbs
Broccoli – .50 lbs
Garlic – 5 lbs
Total – 41 lbs

That takes us over the 200 pound mark for the year and lands us at 219 pounds total!

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  1. Daphne August 10, 2015 1:40 pm Reply

    Wow 20 pounds of beets. That must have made a lot of pickles.

  2. Norma Chang August 10, 2015 5:03 pm Reply

    Beautiful berries jealous of your strawberries. Aphids are a pain hope you got rid of them.

  3. Lexa August 10, 2015 10:05 pm Reply

    Wow, what a great harvest you had this past week. An amazing load of beets. And I am with you. A girl can never have enough garlic in her garden. Good for you for starting your Fall garden already. I have been thinking about it but you are pushing me into action!

  4. Michelle @ Homesteaders Cache August 10, 2015 11:23 pm Reply

    Pickled beets are our absolute favorite. What a great harvest you got! I planted ours a little late and they haven’t started forming the roots yet, but the leaves are big and lush. What kind of garlic did you grow? Looks tasty!

    • Mr. Stoney August 11, 2015 11:42 pm Reply

      Michelle, unfortunately we don’t know the name of the garlic we have been planting. This is our 4th year growing this variety and we love it, but we got the original garlic at a local farmers market and the farmer (or more likely the person he/she hired to run the booth) didn’t know the variety name.

  5. Margaret August 11, 2015 9:45 am Reply

    Very nice harvests. You go through 5 pounds of garlic in 3 months? And I thought my family loved garlic!

    • Mr. Stoney August 11, 2015 11:40 pm Reply

      We put garlic in just about everything. Not a ton, but just enough to add a little flavor!

  6. Phuong August 13, 2015 3:23 am Reply

    Wow, those look like giant heads of garlic with nice fat cloves.

    What do you think about letting garlic go to seed and trying to grow garlic that way?

    • Mr. Stoney August 13, 2015 11:38 am Reply

      Phuong, I’m afraid I don’t have any experience growing garlic from seed.

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