Monday Harvest Report – August 17, 2015

We had a great harvest week and a great week on the blog as well.  Some of our posts were very popular so I thought I’d start a new feature this week and highlight our 3 top posts . Follow the links to see what everyone is so excited about!

1.  Building a Grape Arbor – This one was a fresh post from this week about last weekends big project!

2.  PVC Drip Irrigation – This one has been our most popular post of the year and even spawned a video course!

3.  Canning Pickled Beets – It’s that time of year and a lot of folks checked out our beet recipe!

So anyways that’s our top 3 posts for last week!  Be sure to check out this weeks special on our video courses at the bottom of this post!

Now on to this weeks harvest report!


The strawberries are going like crazy!!  We love this time of year for strawberries.  The summer sun makes them so sweet!  We ended up with 3.5 pounds this week!!


This was a very typical harvest for the week.  The zucchini was the star of the week!  9 pounds which is a ton of zucchini, way more than we can eat, so we froze quite a bit of it and gave some away.  The warm weather crops are really starting to mature this week, you can see the first picking of string beans and the first big picking of cucumbers!


Sun Sugar tomatoes are still our only dependable tomato.  Our late planting put us so far behind this year.  I’m worried we are not going to have enough “big” tomatoes to meet our canning needs this year!


The raspberries are finally kicking in and we have pickings worth weighing.  We ended up with a little less than a pound this week.


This basket was part of Saturdays harvest.  More beans and cucumbers and 5 pounds of potatoes for our Monday night dinner.  We also picked a bunch more berries and tomatoes but I figured you’d seen enough for one week!  🙂


Here’s a beautiful head of Summer Crisp lettuce.  I only got a few heads in this year (again that dang May rain).  So I will only have a couple more heads like this.


I promise we planted more herbs than just basil and chamomile, but they seem to be the only ones ready for picking.  We have racks of basil drying all over the house!!


I also harvested about half of our onions.  This variety is Candy and wow did they do well this year!  Holy cow that’s a lot of onions.  It’s the same amount we always plant but they did really well this year, with a lot of very big bulbs!  These will sit on this screen in the garage for a couple of weeks to cure.  About the time they are cured the Copra onions will be ready to harvest and bring in, so the garage is going to smell like onions for a while!!  I will wait until these are cured before I weigh them and add them to our totals.


This was a fun discovery.  As I was harvesting the onions I came across these.  Any one have any idea what they are?  I’m assuming they are some kind of bunching onion that got in with our starts by mistake.  These all came from one clump in the middle of the onion patch.


I also got all of the fall Cole crops planted Saturday.  These were starts I grew myself.  I put in 5 kale plants and 16 broccoli (3 different varieties).  These won’t be ready for harvest till about November 1st and will get a hoop house a little later in the season.

Here’s this weeks totals:
Tomatoes – 2 lbs
Raspberries – .75 lbs
Strawberries – 3.50 lbs
Zucchini – 9 lbs
Cucumbers – 3.75 lbs
Potatoes – 5.25 lbs
Lettuce – .75 lbs
Herbs – .25 lbs
Beans – .83 lbs
Total – 26.08 lbs

Our annual total is now 245.40 pounds!!

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YRG August 2 4 1

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  1. Daphne August 17, 2015 4:41 am Reply

    Lovely harvests. I wish I got 9 pounds of zucchini. I haven’t quite gotten that all year. My plants aren’t doing much.

    • Mr. Stoney August 17, 2015 8:23 am Reply

      I saw that on your post. Weird how different plants react to conditions year to year. Our zucchini plant this year looks better than I think I’ve ever seen one look in our garden, yet right next to it are a bunch of drying beans that just look terrible.

  2. Melissa August 18, 2015 7:47 am Reply

    I am completely envious of your berries! Wonderful haul this week!

    Also, congrats on the traffic and popularity of your posts! It always feels good when you can see people are reading and enjoying your writing, doesn’t it?!

  3. Margaret August 18, 2015 9:03 am Reply

    Those strawberries look great – One of my varieties was supposed to be an everbearing, but I have a feeling I have a dud as it is in it’s 3rd year and still no berries after the June harvest. Oh well, guess I better get a different variety when I replant the bed.

  4. angie August 18, 2015 6:32 pm Reply

    my goodness this is the farm fresh produce that makes me so happy. I so know I will be at the local farmer market this week.

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