Monday Harvest Report – December 7, 2015

I wasn’t sure if it was even going to happen this year, I mean the odds were stacked against us with no melons or pumpkins planted in the home garden.  But despite the odds we got our garden total to jump over 700 pounds for the year this week!!  700 pounds has become my new standard for a decent year in the home garden.  And it’s a big deal that we hit that mark with out growing two of our “heaviest” crops here at home!


The break through came from this surprisingly large harvest basket that I picked on Saturday!  This is really quite a large harvest for this time of year and a decent amount of variety too.


First was a big handful of kale.  I could have picked more of this, but we really didn’t have any plans for it and we like to save as much kale as we can for the cold months of January and February.


Next was 3 medium sized heads of lettuce.  Two of these are Buttercrunch and the other is Paris Island Cos.  The total was 1.25 pounds.  We still have around a dozen heads in the cold frame, but the growth has slowed to about zero and a some of them are quite small.  So I will leave a few of them to over winter.


I only planted a couple of heads of Pak Choi this year.  It grows well for us in the fall and early winter, but it really isn’t our favorite green.  We do like it in stir fries and we have one on the menu for this week so I pulled these two up.  The total weight was 1.75 pounds so these were both very nice sized heads.  I could have a lot more of these growing, but we really struggle using them up, so this year I just decided to give the space to other plants.


And last but not least are the root crops.  The turnips were and experiment, I wanted to see how they would do in one of the beds closest to the back wall in our yard.  These have been in the ground since August and you can see the experiment failed.  Only one got any size at all, there just isn’t enough light in that bed in the fall.  You can see that the carrots are still doing great!  I’m just getting started harvesting that cold frame, I’m hoping for 20 or more pounds of carrots this winter from that bed!

Here’s this weeks totals:
Pak Choi – 1.75 lbs
Lettuce – 1.25 lbs
Carrots – 1.50 lbs
Kale – .25 lbs
Turnips – .50 lbs
Total – 5.25 lbs

That brings the home garden total to 701 pounds for 2015!  Not our best year, but it reaches the decent mark!  Our total between the two gardens is now 1060.25 pounds!

I will be sharing this post again this week on the Monday Harvest Report over at Happy Acres!


  1. Margaret December 7, 2015 9:00 am Reply

    Congrats on reaching the 700 lb mark! This year was not a stellar year in my garden, mostly due to high temps and inconsistent watering. An expanded drip system is in the works so I’m optimistic about next year (as every gardener is!)

  2. Dave December 7, 2015 12:33 pm Reply

    That is a great haul for December! And congrats on hitting the 700lb mark. I’m hoping our kale lasts into the new year too, but that will mostly depend on the weather.


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