Monday Harvest Report – July 13, 2015

Monday Harvest - July 13 2015

Hey guys, welcome back for another quick Monday harvest report.  The weather for the last week has been beautiful!!  We were in the mid to high 80’s all week and it was nearly perfect!  It was a very welcome break after 10 days of 100 or better.  We also had afternoon thunder storms most days.  It was nice to not have to worry about watering the garden or the grass all week!  It’s been a couple of days since it rained but I was working out in the garden most of the day Saturday and every thing was still nice an moist!


We had quite a few firsts this week!  This is a shot of the first basil harvest for the year.  We used about half of this fresh in a couple of dishes!  The other half was cleaned and put on the drying rack to store up for the winter!  I really don’t know how to weigh these little light harvests of herbs, so I don’t think the totals will make it into our harvest total till the end of the year, when I can just estimate the total.


This shows a couple of other firsts for the garden.  The first very small handful of raspberries and the first harvest of chamomile.  The chamomile also ended up in the herb dryer, the raspberries barley made it though the door before the kids attacked them!


I also harvested the garlic between rain storms this week.  It stayed in a little longer than I would have liked but with all the rain I had a hard time finding a day dry enough to dig them out.  This is our biggest harvest ever!  I’m very happy with the size quality of the garlic.  It will need to dry here for a few weeks and then I will include them in the harvest count.


I also dug up a bunch more of the cold frame potatoes.  There was a little over 7 pounds here.  There is only one row left now that’s about 6 feet long.  I will probably dig them out this week to make room for a late planting of beans.  I have to admit it has been really nice to have potatoes again.  I was getting a little tired of pasta and rice.


This is Saturdays harvest.  Some broccoli side shoots (this was the second picking this week), the last kohlrabi and the last two cabbages.  I was a little bummed, all the rain made both these cabbages split.  Not too bad but enough that they probably won’t keep to long.

Here’s this weeks totals:
Kohlrabi – .75 lbs
Cabbage – 5 lbs
Broccoli – 1.50 lbs
Potatoes – 7.50 lbs
Total – 14.75 lbs

This weeks totals bring our year to date total to 134.75 lbs!  A great year so far!

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  1. Jenny July 13, 2015 10:29 am Reply

    Very nice harvest! Love the fresh potatoes and that beautiful garlic. I’m yet to try and dig the potatoes to see if any of them formed and garlic is too wet to dig 🙁 Hopefully this weekend.

  2. Margaret July 13, 2015 12:19 pm Reply

    Great harvests – I wish my potatoes would hurry so that I can pinch a few. I harvested my first bunch of chamomile this week too – so exciting!

  3. Daphne July 13, 2015 1:46 pm Reply

    Lovely harvests. I picked my garlic and am drying it too. Though I hang in it our bike shed as I have no other place for it. It is the one reason I miss having a garage.

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