Monday Harvest Report & Late July Garden Tour

The garden is humming along again this year.  Our annual total is still almost 30 pounds higher than last year which is awesome.  I thought this week I would do my harvest report and then give you a quick tour of both of the gardens!  Let’s start with what we harvest this week.


We had two very similar harvest baskets this week.  The first was full of broccoli side shoots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini and even a few raspberries.


The second one harvested on Saturday had more of the same.  More zucchini this time and more broccoli.  And if you look close the first “real” tomato of the year!


This is a early girl tomato and really should have been the 3rd tomato of the year.  But we are really having a problem with Magpies, which is something I’ve never struggled with before.  We have a whole mess of them hanging out in the neighborhood and they seem to have zeroed in on my garden!!  They ate both of the first 2 tomatoes that were ready.  This is really late for us to be just getting our first tomato, but a weird spring along with some major damage that happened to this plant kind of set us back.  I expect we will start seeing a lot more tomatoes in just a week or two.


And the last harvest for the week was the last of the cold frame planted potatoes.  This little 8 x 4 patch did really well for us this year.  We were just a little bit shy of 40 pounds and the harvest lasted over 6 weeks.  We will have a few weeks without any potatoes, but we should be able to start harvesting the May planted potatoes around mid August.


In fact here’s a shot of the May planting.   They have already bloomed, so technically I could start harvesting any time, but I like to let them size up a bit!


Beets will be the next major harvest from the garden.



If we can find the time we will dig up most of this patch this week and pickle them!  Yum!


The onions are sizing up nicely!  You can see on these Candy onions the tops have already started to fall over.


It’s interesting to see the difference between the Candy & the Copra’s.  The Candies are sizing up and the tops have fallen where as these Copra’s still have a ways to go and the tops are holding strong!


The raspberries are starting to ripen with some consistency.  Another week and we will be picking every other day.


We planted this patch of Caroline Raspberries only last year.  Just look at how well this patch has filled in!  I can’t believe this patch is only 1 year old!


The pop corn is also doing well.  We have about 10 hills of corn like this, we are hoping for around 100 ears of corn this year!


Blossoms on the cucumbers mean it won’t be long now!


I’ve made a few changes to the trellis and I’m happier with how the plants are climbing this year.


We are still getting quite a few side shoots from the broccoli, but the tomato plants are crowding the plants so I don’t think I will be able to keep them in much longer.


Speaking of tomatoes!  Lots of Sun Sugars coming along, we get a hand full every other day.


The Early Girls are also doing well.


The other 14 plants were put in 6 weeks later than the others 2 so we are just now starting to see flowers.


And even a few fruit set!


The beans are doing well, this bed is a mix of a burgundy (bush) string bean and Blue Lake pole bean.  This bed was succession planted over about 5 weeks time, so that is why you see the vast difference in the size of the plants.


If you look close you can see a few of the pole beans are flowering!


These beans are new to our garden this year.  They are called Black Coco and although they can be eaten as a string bean, we are growing them as a dry black bean!


The always dependable Black Beauty zucchini is flowering like crazy.  We are getting 3 or 4 small fruit a week now!  So many that we can’t keep up with them fresh and have started to freeze some for the winter.


This is the only celery plant that really survived the 18 million inches of rain our garden got in May, and of course the only one to survive is too close to the zucchini so I’m not sure how it will do.


We have two kinds of kale growing right now that give us a few leaves each week.  This one is Vates.


This is Red Russian.  Both seem to be having some aphid issues that if I can’t control right away will cause me to rip these plants our so the aphids don’t spread.


We do have a few heads of summer crisp lettuce that are getting close to harvest, but I didn’t get nearly enough planted this spring.  Again those May rains are coming back to haunt us.


The strawberries are looking good.  This patch was a little stressed in June but seems to have bounced back now that the temperatures have moderated a bit.


And here’s one of the strawberries in the new patch.  The plants are well enough established now that I’m letting the blossoms stay!


And here’s a quick shot of the borrowed garden.  Everything here is just a little behind for this time of year.  Those dang May rains kept us from getting this garden planted until after June 1st.  So I’m worried our production here might be down a bit this year.  The first planting of corn (on the right) is just now starting to tassel, the second planting is still 3 or more weeks away.


The potatoes for the most part look really good.  But we did have some real germination issues in a few spots here this year.


These are more of the Black Coco beans.  Notice how much better these plants look.  It’s because the soil in this garden is so much healthier.


This is another new plant for us.  This is a pumpkin that has a hull-less seed.  We love pumpkin seeds and thought we would try these out this year.  Blossoms mean fruit will be on the way soon.


There are also blossoms on the Crenshaw melons.


The Watermelon.


And the Cantaloupe.  I’ve even seem some fruit set on the cantaloupe!

Well they you go!  A tour of the Stoney Acres gardens for late July.  Another 3 weeks or so and we will be drowning in produce!


Here’s this weeks totals:
Kale – .50 lbs
Potatoes – 9.75 lbs
Tomatoes – .65 lbs
Broccoli – 2.25 lbs (holy cow, all side shoots!)
Zucchini – 4.35 lbs (the neighbors better start locking their cars)
Strawberries – .35 lbs
Total – 17.85 lbs

Our annual total now stands at 165.50 pounds! All from the home garden!

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  1. Daphne July 27, 2015 1:31 pm Reply

    Whoohoo for the first tomato. Soon you will be buried in them I’m sure.

  2. Margaret July 27, 2015 7:30 pm Reply

    Congrats on the first tomato! Your garden is looking great – I know all about being behind, but in my case I can’t blame it on the weather!

  3. Daisy July 28, 2015 11:59 am Reply

    I admire your vertical trellises for the squash. I’m thinking about trying trellises for my zucchini next summer. Any advice?

    • Mr. Stoney July 28, 2015 8:32 pm Reply

      Daisy, good question! Zucchini is not really a vining plant so you wont really have much success using a trellis. Plants that do very well with trellis include cucumbers, beans, and some types of peas. Others that also do well on a trellis include pumpkins, winter squashes, gourds and melons. But remember with many of the squashes & melons you will need to plan on offering additional support to the growing fruit so that its own weight doesnt cause it to break off the vine.

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