Monday Harvest Report – November 16, 2015

The weather has really made a turn towards winter this week. We had freezing temperatures nearly every night this week, and we even had a little bit of snow last Tuesday. The forecast for the upcoming week includes at least a couple of days of rain or snow! I’m glad I got the Christmas lights up last weekend!!


We had a small harvest week. I went out on Saturday to restock our lettuce supply and found these two nice heads of lettuce. The smaller head is Paris Island Cos, I think the larger head is Winter Density, but I’m not 100% sure on that one because I had a little labeling problem with my seedlings.


I also pulled off a few leaves of kale! This is from the plant that I pictured last week that is currently just out in the open. We will eat this one up first and then move onto the plants that are under protection.


Also part of this weeks totals is about 70% of our popcorn. I did a test on Saturday night and it had cured well and was popping nicely, so my daughter and I sat down and removed the kernels from all of the cobs that were drying out in the garage. The total came out to 8 pounds, almost 4 1/2 quarts! We still have about 20 ears scattered around the house being used as fall decorations. I think when those are harvested we may actually exceed last years total of 5 1/2 quarts! We eat a lot of popcorn around our place, so this won’t keep us going until next years harvest is done, but it will last 4 to 6 months at least!!

Here’s this weeks totals:
Lettuce – 1.25 lbs
Kale – .50 lbs
Popcorn – 8 lbs
Total – 9.75 lbs

That brings our annual total to 691 pounds from the home garden!

With the arrival of daylight savings last week there is no chance of doing any work outside in the garden in the evenings any more, so I found myself with some time on my hands.  So  I took a few hours and went back to some old posts on the blog and updated them with more information and some new pictures.  So I thought I’d share those posts with you today!

Pizza Calzones

The first is a post about one of my favorite Friday night treats!  Valerie’s homemade Pizza Calzones!

Preserving Bell Peppers

Next is a post on our simple method for preserving Bell Peppers.  I was really surprised, when I re-shared this post on my social media channels last week it ended up being my most read post of the week.  That surprised me for this time of the year!

Garden Hose Repair

And the third  was this little post I wrote several years ago on how to repair your Garden Hoses!

I hope you enjoy these older posts.  If you like what you read please comment and share them with your friends!!


I will be sharing this post again this week as part of the Monday Harvest Report that Dave over at Happy Acres hosts every week.



  1. Dave November 16, 2015 9:11 am Reply

    That is some nice looking lettuce regardless of the variety! And lovely popcorn too. It’s been a few years since I had room to grow it but it is a great crop for the home garden.


  2. Margaret November 16, 2015 6:50 pm Reply

    Lovely kale – I hope the farm has some for us this week as that’s the only quasi-homegrown kale I’ll be seeing! And we may be getting snow later this week as well – my lights are going up tomorrow!

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