Monday Harvest Report – November 23, 2015

Well, we have now moved into that part of the year where our harvest totals become very small!  The days now have 10 hours or less  of sunlight and most of the garden has moved into cold storage!!  Our night time temperatures have really dropped as well.  Nearly every night is below freezing!  In fact the forecast has the lows reaching the teens by mid week and we will have snow and very cold temperatures for Thanksgiving.


We did have one little harvest this week.  We have been dry so I decided to go out and water the crops in the cold frame one last time.  While I was watering I saw this carrot that looked ready to pull so I figured I’d pull one and see how it looked and see if they had started to sweeten up.


Well pulling one lead to pulling another, and another and . . .   I ended up pulling a pound of VERY tasty carrots.  It has been cold long enough that the starches in the carrots have turned to sugars!!  Yum!  These guys are fantastically sweet and crunchy!  So I guess we will start on our carrots a little early this year.  We usually don’t start harvesting the winter carrots till closer to Christmas, but if they are ready we should enjoy them, Right???


We also went around the house this weekend and pulled down all the popcorn that we were using as decorations.  I removed them from the cobs and was surprised by how much we had!  We ended up with another 4 pounds, just over a quart and a half more “finished product”.  That gives us 6 1/2 quarts, 1 whole quart more than we had last year!!

So our harvest total for the week:
Carrots – 1 pound
Popcorn – 4 pounds
Total – 5 pounds

That makes the home garden total 695 and the combined gardens total 1055 for the year.

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  1. Dave November 23, 2015 10:27 am Reply

    Those carrots sure look good! If I had any I would be pulling them too.


  2. Phuong November 23, 2015 1:15 pm Reply

    That’s a wonderful amount of popcorn and your carrots look great. We just started getting really cold temperatures so I’m looking forward to some sweeter turnips and radishes.

  3. Margaret November 24, 2015 4:33 am Reply

    Those carrots look great & I’m sure they tasted even better. Congrats on the popcorn – it’s always nice when our harvests improve.

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