Monday Harvest Report – November 9, 2015

We finally had our first frost this week.  And it was more than just a little frost!  It was a pretty hard freeze for us.  This finished off any thing warm season for us, including the last of the herbs.  Since our harvest was small this week, I thought I’d give you a quick tour of the garden so you can see what is still growing this year.


We are down to just our cold season winter crops. This little temporary hoop house has our broccoli plants and some kale.


All of the main heads are done for the broccoli.  There are some side shoots coming along so I think I will leave the plants in for another week.  But then these plants will come out and I’m going to plant a large bed of Mache here that should be ready for an early spring harvest.


The kale in this bed is meant to supplement our winter harvests.  We won’t start harvesting from these plants until January.


This kale plant is outside and now that it has had a few freezes to sweeten it up we will start eating this one this week.


The cold frames look pretty good this year.  We did have some late season pest problems that effected some of our crops so this years winter harvest wont be quite as good.


It’s the spinach and Swiss Chard that were hit the hardest by a huge leaf miner problem.  Only about 1/2 the planting survived so we are going to let these over winter for spring harvest.


The lettuce bed is looking good.  These plants will hold up for another month to 6 weeks and give us a nice supply of fall lettuce!


And the carrot bed is looking awesome!  We won’t start harvesting these until late December.


The winter Mache supply is just now germinating.  Mache (or corn salad) is one of the few plants that continues to grow despite there being less than 10 hours of sunlight.  So these small plants should be ready to east starting in January.


We did have a small harvest this week.  These were the last small heads of broccoli along with a few side shoots.  We had a fairly decent fall for broccoli this year.


We also harvested the first head of lettuce.  This one is a Paris Island cos.


And we are still eating tomatoes.  These are the green tomatoes we harvested about 3 weeks ago that are slowly ripening in the garage.  All of these mainly go into soups or are made into fresh salsa.  They are never as good this time of year because they are not vine ripened, but they sure do add flavor to the soups we are eating!!


And we popped the first of the popcorn this week.  This picture shows about half of our total harvest, the rest are scattered around the house as decorations.  It didn’t pop super well so we are giving it another week or two to dry.

Here’s this weeks totals:
Broccoli – 1.50 lbs
Lettuce – .50 lbs
Total – 2 lbs

That brings our annual total from the home garden to 681 pounds and the combined gardens total is 1040.

I will be sharing today on the Monday Harvest Report with Dave over  at Happy Acres!


  1. Dave November 9, 2015 8:01 am Reply

    Everything is looking good! I love all those cold frames. They are such a great way to extend the season.


  2. Margaret November 9, 2015 11:47 am Reply

    Looks like you still have a lot going on in your garden with a great supply of fall/winter crops. I’m almost done – only a couple of weeks left to go probably – which is just fine by me actually, as I have a lot of indoor projects to get to. I’m sure I will miss the fresh veg, thought, come January.

  3. Norma Chang November 9, 2015 5:08 pm Reply

    That kale plant in the 4th photo is fantastic, looks like a tree, I see many delicious dishes from just that one plant. Nice popcorn harvest.

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