Monday Harvest Report – October 12, 2105

Wow, what a beautiful fall week we had here in Utah!  Temperatures were in the high 70’s and low 80’s all week.  Just fantastic!  We are starting to see the leaves turning here in the valley a bit and you can see a definite change in the garden as well!


This was our biggest picking of tomatoes for the week.  About 8 pounds.  Not enough to can so we what we don’t eat will just be frozen.  There are still a lot of nice sized tomatoes on the vines and the weather is forecast to be nice again all week so I think by next Saturday we may have enough to pick to get one more batch of canned tomatoes!  You will also notice the last of the tomatillos in this box!


We are still getting a few cucumbers, sun sugar tomatoes and string beans!  This was Tuesdays picking!  The sun sugar tomatoes aren’t nearly as good this time of year, they loose a lot of their flavor in the fall when there isn’t as much sun to ripen them.


We had a couple different pickings of berries this week.  This one was mostly strawberries.  This may be the last big picking of strawberries we get.  There are still fruit ripening on the plants, but I think they will be pretty slow to mature now.  The shadow from the back fence is now pretty much covering this strawberry bed.


This was Saturdays picking of raspberries!  Another pound!  We have been really happy with this new patch of raspberries this year!  They will continue to produce until the frost finally comes.


This was Saturday’s harvest!  As you can see it’s getting smaller each time we go out!  Except the dang zucchini!!  We have never had a zucchini plant produce this much and this late into the year!


The borrowed garden is officially done!  This week we got this one last pumpkin.


And these two small crenshaw melons.  Everything else is finished and I started pulling things out and winterizing this garden over the weekend.

Here’s this weeks harvest totals:

Home Garden
Raspberries – 3
Tomatoes – 11.5
Beans – 1.75
Zucchini – 7.50
Cucumbers – 2.25
Total 26

Borrowed Garden
Crenshaw – 6
Pumpkin – 7.5
Total 13.5
Grand Total 39.5

That makes our annual total 928.25 pounds – 569 from the home garden and 359 from the borrowed garden


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  1. Melissa October 12, 2015 6:36 am Reply

    Oh, those berries!!! How divine 🙂

  2. Dave October 12, 2015 8:26 am Reply

    Our tomatoes and berries are pretty well done for here so it is nice to see yours!


  3. Nancy Davis October 12, 2015 7:05 pm Reply

    Your harvest still looks great! My garden us about done for this year. Those berries look wonderful! Nancy

  4. Lexa October 12, 2015 9:38 pm Reply

    Its wonderful to see someone still harvesting berries! That’s also an amazing year-to-date harvest you have had. Great job!

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