Monday Harvest Report – October 26, 2015

Well it is finally happening!  Our temperatures have dropped enough that the summer garden has ground to a halt!  We had highs all week in the low 60’s which was very pleasant, but spelled the end for any real growth for the main garden.  Still not frost but I figured it was time to give up on the tomatoes and other summer veggies!


I cleaned out the tomato bed Saturday, I had some signs of a minor amount of verticillum wilt so I won’t be composting these plants, instead they filled two garbage cans.  You will notice I left the cucumber trellis up.  There are still 10 or so cukes trying hard to grow and I don’t think we will see frost till Saturday so I figured I’d give them another few days!

I also couldn’t bring myself to pull out the zucchini, it still has a few fruit on it that I’m hoping will finish out this week.  But all the corn, beans and other summer veggies are done!


I also broke down and got the cold frames out for the winter garden.  I usually put these out on September 30th of each year, but we haven’t even had a threat of a really cold night yet so I really haven’t needed them.  But I’m sure the weather is going to fall a part any day now so I figured it was time!!  If you look close, on the top right of this picture you can see that amazing zucchini plant!


Of course when I tear out the tomatoes I always pick any of the ripe fruit or any larger tomatoes that I think have the potential to ripen over the next month or two.  This box weighed in at 38 pounds and about 1/3 were ripe, 1/3 will be ripe soon and 1/3 were green.


We did have one more decent picking of raspberries Thursday, but we went through the patch on Saturday and only got a handful.   I’m sure we will have a few more this week before the frost, but our berries are pretty much done as well!


Wednesday I picked this basket with a few beans, quite a few cucumbers and even a little bell pepper!


Saturday brought this nice basket with the last of the Sun Sugar tomatoes, some tomatillos that I found still on the vine, a couple of small zucchini and another decent sized head of broccoli!


I also pulled out the celery.  When these plants were stripped down they ended up being about 3 pounds which isn’t bad for us.  We just chop these up and freeze them to add to soups and casseroles during the winter.  Only 3 of our 6 plants grew this year and they were overwhelmed by the zucchini plant early on in the summer and grew in the shade, so I’m happy to have gotten anything!!


And of course the fall lettuce harvest started in earnest!  These are the last two heads of Nevada and a small head of Tom Thumb.

Here are this weeks totals, the last big harvest week of 2015:
Tomatoes – 38.75 lbs
Lettuce – 1.25 lbs
Zucchini – 8.50 lbs
Tomatillo – .75 lbs
Broccoli – 1.25 lbs
Celery – 3.25 lbs
Cucumbers – 3 lbs
Beans – .75 lbs
Berries 1.35 lbs
Total – 58.85 lbs

That makes the home garden total 663.50 pounds and the two gardens combined are now over the 1000 pound mark for the second year in a row at 1022.75!!



  1. Margaret October 26, 2015 2:01 pm Reply

    The countdown to a frost is on for you now, I see….you were able to get some very nice final harvests in this week!

  2. Dave October 26, 2015 2:53 pm Reply

    Congrats on hitting that 1000 lb mark! We’re going to fall shy of it this year, but we still had plenty to eat. It’s amazing you still have a zucchini hanging on. And those tomatoes look great for the end of the season.


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