Monday Harvest Report – October 5, 2015

First off, I’d like to say a little about the Monday Harvest Report.  Daphne over at Daphne’s Dandelions has been hosting the Monday harvest report for years!  I followed the Monday Harvest report even before I was a blogger, for over 5 years reading Daphne’s Monday morning report has been part of my routine.  Daphne has decided to retire from the world of blogging and turn the Monday Harvest report over to Dave at Our Happy Acres.  Daphne I will miss having you around!!  But I’m also excited the link up is continuing with Dave!!

The weather has mellowed here in Utah and we are now quickly progressing into fall!  Our highs all week were in the 60’s and 70’s and we had a nice rain storm on Thursday and Friday that meant we could finally turn off the sprinklers and start settling in for Fall!  There hasn’t been any threat of frost yet and it looks like we will be at least another week without frost as the night time lows for the next 7 days are forecast in the 50’s.  That’s good news for the garden because we still have ton’s of tomatoes to ripen on the vines so that will give us plenty of time.


This week ended up being our largest harvest total of the year!  That is due mostly to our finishing up the potato harvest from the borrowed garden.  We dug the last 3 rows this week and ended up with 168 pounds.  That made a total of 232 pounds from the borrowed garden, and just over 300 pounds of potatoes total for the year!!  All of last weeks harvest is now siting in the garage curing and waiting for me to finish up our mini root cellar (more about that next week).


Also we got a few pumpkins from the borrowed garden this year.  Not as many as in years past, these two will be joined by one other in a week or so.  The vines struggled all summer with some kind of wilt issues, so they didn’t set many fruit.


We still had the standard end of the warm season fair this week from the home garden.  Cucumbers, beans and tomatoes abound!


And both berry patches continue to do well, we had almost 4 pounds this week combined between strawberries and raspberries.  Mostly raspberries!


And the tomatoes gave us another large picking.  This was enough to do a batch of canned tomatoes, but we had a weekend packed with activities and couldn’t find the time to can them, so instead we removed the skins and simply froze them.  Having a few bags of frozen tomatoes is always handy during the winter when we need to add a little flavor to our wintertime menu!


I also started harvesting the popcorn for the year.  These are some of the smaller ears from the plants that didn’t do as well.  The larger stalks along the fence should be ready to harvest this week.  I won’t add these to the harvest total for at least a month, when they are cured and ready to remove from the cobs.


For those of you that might be interested I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the fall/winter garden.  Here’s the lettuce bed, it is coming along well, we have actually harvested a few small heads from this bed already and you can see harvesting will progress from right to left as the fall and winter progresses.  To the top there are two rows of freshly planted seeds that are just now starting to germinate, those will be for overwintering and early spring harvest.


The carrot bed is looking really good this year!  We won’t really even think about harvesting from this bed for at least 2 more months to give the carrots time to size up.  You can see they desperately need to be thinned.  That’s on the list for this week.


The spinach bed is coming along, we have already harvested a few leaves, but the plants are suffering from a huge leaf minor infestation.  I didn’t get this bed covered after they germinated and the leaf minors are REALLY bad this year.


This broccoli and kale bed is coming along nicely.  The kale will be for winter and spring harvest, the broccoli will be done in a month or so.  On the left you can also see a few heads of lettuce that will be our first major lettuce harvest for the fall.


We already have some small heads on some of the broccoli.  This bed will need a hoop house soon as the temperatures continue to cool.


I feel like I may have crowded the kale a bit too much this year.  Space was really at a premium when I planted them but now I’m afraid I tried to put to many in this little space!  I might experiment with transplanting a few once the broccoli is done.


I also planted a few turnips this fall.  I got them in a bit late so we may only get greens, we’ll see how they do over the next 30 days.  This was really an experiment so see how these would do in this very shady spot of the garden, so I didn’t plant many, just enough for a meal or two.

Here’s this weeks harvest totals:
Tomatoes – 13 lbs
Cucumbers – 2.50 lbs
Zucchini – 5.25 lbs
Berries – 3.75 lbs
Beans – 2 lbs
Copra Onion – 13 lbs
Home Garden total – 39.50 lbs

Borrowed Garden
Pumpkins – 15 lbs
Potatoes – 168 lbs
Total – 183 lbs

Our annual total between the two gardens now stands at 889 pounds.  543 from the home garden and 346 from the borrowed garden.  We should break 1000 pounds again this year by the end of December!!

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  1. Jenny October 5, 2015 9:30 am Reply

    Way to go with 300lbs of potatoes!

  2. Dave October 5, 2015 10:29 am Reply

    The fall winter garden is looking great! I’ve never tried moving big kale plants but I would say cut the bigger leaves and try moving one to see how it goes. And 300lbs is a LOT of spuds! I hope the frost holds off a bit for you and me both.


  3. Margaret October 5, 2015 7:27 pm Reply

    Great harvests – and I thought my 35 lbs of potatoes this week was good 😉

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