Monday Harvest Report – September 14, 2015

It was a busy week in the garden,  The tomatoes are finally starting to come on strong and the berries and cucumbers are still producing well!  The weather was hot all week with highs in the 90’s most of the week.  But that is all changing today with a storm front moving in and dropping out temps into the 70’s.  I think yesterday may have been the last 90 degree day of the season!  Let’s hope!


Here’s a shot of the main home garden.  It’s starting to look a little spent!  Lots of empty beds and burn out plants!


The only summer plant that doesn’t seem to be struggling is the zucchini!  Look at this beauty!  (I think if I really dug down inside I would find that this is 2 plants not one).  This is by far the healthiest I have ever seen a zucchini plant this late in the season in my garden.  No signs of stress and not even a hint of powdery mildew!  Not only are we getting tried of zucchini, but now so are most of our neighbors!! 🙂


The fall garden is progressing very well this year.  These are 3 different types of broccoli and some kale plants.


What lettuce I planted by seed is up and looking good!  This bed will get about 30 lettuce starts transplanted into it within the next few days!


The carrot bed is looking tons better this year than it did last!  There are still a few spots that didn’t germinate well, but over all things look a ton better for our winter carrot crop!  Now I just need to get out an thin!


The spinach and Swiss Chard bed is also looking pretty good.  A few more weeks and we can start harvesting.  Germination was a little spotty here as well so I will be replanting some spots this week.  Those plants will overwinter for a spring harvest.


Our harvest for the week featured our first melons!  FINALLY!  The delay in planting from all the May rain really set us back on melons.  Normally we would have had our first melons 3 weeks sooner than this.  We ended up with 5 total cantaloupe this week, these 3 were the smaller of the bunch.  The ones we have eaten so far have been very tasty!


I finalized the Candy onions over the weekend.  They have been curing in the garage for 4 weeks  and they were ready to bring inside.  This bag will sit in a cool spot in the basement for now and then they will move out to the garage when things cool down.  We ended up with about 30 pounds of Candies.  The Copra’s are still drying in the garage.


These were the last of the potatoes from the home garden.  We ended up with about 35 pounds total here at home.  There will be a lot more (hopefully 200 plus pounds) coming from the borrowed garden.  The bed these came out of will be planted this week with Mache for the winter garden.


We had lots of cherry tomatoes this week.


And finally a good sized picking of our canning tomatoes.  This will be just enough for a batch of 7 quarts of tomatoes.  So I guess we know what we are doing tonight!


The raspberries continued to do well this week!  The strawberries really slowed down, but I did notice a new rush of blossoms so the final fruit of the season are starting to set.

Here are this weeks totals:
Onions – 21 lbs
Beans – .25 lbs
Potatoes – 9.50 lbs
Tomatoes – 22.25 lbs
Peppers – .50 lbs
Zucchini – 4.25 lbs
Cucumbers – 2.75 lbs
Strawberries – .50 lbs
Raspberries – 2.50 lbs
Herbs – .25 lbs
Total – 63.75 lbs

Borrowed Garden Totals
Corn – 9 lbs
Cantaloupe – 11.25 lbs
Total 20.25 lbs

Grand total – 84 pounds

That brings our yearly total to 496.60 pounds!

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  1. Daphne September 14, 2015 10:29 am Reply

    Lovely harvests. I’m starting to get bare patches in the garden too. A sure sign of fall.

  2. Deborah September 15, 2015 10:55 am Reply

    Lovely! We didn’t get any raspberries this year, which made me sad. Your pictures are motivating me to go hunting for some wild raspberries.
    I love that you are totaling your harvest weight. I’ll be excited to see your total.

  3. Jennifer @ Ridgetop Farm & Garden September 18, 2015 11:31 am Reply

    Wow! So much fabulous produce! Our garden was a bit lackluster this year.

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