Monday Harvest Report – September 2, 2013

I knew it was coming, it had been looming  just out of reach for a couple of weeks now.  It was just waiting to attack us!!  What was it!  Our first major harvest week of the season.  No more messing around with little 20 or 30 pound weeks.  This week the garden when all out!!  This weeks total?  . . .  134.10 pounds of produce!


That may not be our biggest week ever, but it was close!!  Here’s a big contributor to the total.  You thought last weeks watermelon was big, well here’s it’s big brother!!  This 22 pound giant now holds the record for the biggest watermelon ever harvested at Stoney Acres.  We also harvested 2 others this week.  A 10 pounder that when to the couple that is lending us their garden space and a 14 pounder that went into our hungry bellies!!


But watermelon wasn’t even our single largest crop this week.  That title when to our tomatoes!  47.9 pounds of tomatoes for the week.  That translated to a lot of canning!!  We have already put up 14 quarts this week and with the box sitting on the counter and what needs to be picked today, I’m sure we will have enough for another 7.  By the end of the week we may have another 14 or more quarts!


This was also a week of firsts!  The first sweet corn was ready!  Our little patch of late planted corn gave us 56 ears or about 14 lbs this week.  We will have at least that much more coming.  We gave a little away, froze about a dozen on the ear and ate the rest.  This corn wasn’t planted until late June so I chose a short season variety called Early Sun Glow.  It was ready in the advertised 60 days but it’s not the worlds sweetest “sweet” corn.  The ears are small, the taste is good but not great, but it’s really pretty impressive that it even got done as late as we planted it.


Another first for this year were cantaloupe!  We picked 4 this week, each of them weighed in at 2 pounds.  They are very small this year, we only planted 3 hills but we have at least a dozen more melons coming.  I think the small size is because there are so many of them.  If I would have pinched off a few of the fruit early on maybe we would have had larger fruit.  But they are sweet and delicious!!


Here was a welcome gift from our old back yard neighbors.  They sent my son home with these home grown peaches!!  This was their first real harvest year from some new trees so we were really appreciative of their generosity.


Also picked this week were a lot of cucumbers, some patty pan squash, a few zucchini and several decent sized pickings of green beans.  The shot above was our Saturday harvest and gives you a good idea of what else we picked.

Here’s this weeks Totals:

Beans – 1.2 lbs

Tomatoes – 47.90 lbs

Patty Pan – 4.25 lbs

Cucumbers – 8.25 lbs

Zucchini – 3.75 lbs

Corn – 14 lbs (56 ears)

Watermelon – 46.25 lbs

Cantaloupe – 8.50 lbs

Total – 134.10 lbs

Our annual total now stands at 277.25 lbs.  We should have another big week next week as the tomato glut will continue and there is one more watermelon yet to pick.  Plus the corn will still be strong next week.  The tops are dying back on the potatoes as well but I think I may wait another 10 days or so before I start digging them.

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  1. Annie’s Granny September 2, 2013 9:52 am Reply

    Wow.those veggies and fruits are really rolling in for you this week! Wonderful variety, and I agree with you about Early Sunglow corn. I was disappointed with the flavor, but I planted my remaining seeds for a fall harvest, simply because of the 60 days to harvest.

  2. Nancy Davis September 2, 2013 6:49 pm Reply

    Your garden is producing so well! Over 131 lbs and everything looks so perfect! Enjoy! Nancy

  3. Dave Velten September 2, 2013 7:46 pm Reply

    Awesome harvest this week. Wait until the new garden gets into full production next year.

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