Monday Harvest Report – September 21, 2015

Fall officially arrives this week on Wednesday, and in classic Utah fall style we had a very near miss with frost over the weekend.  I got up just before sunrise on Saturday morning to head out for a run.  “Boy, it’s pretty cold”, I thought as I walked around from the back of the house to hit the street.  That’s when I looked across the street and noticed FROST on my neighbors roof, panicked I ran back to check the garden.  We had a very heavy dew but luckily no frost.  The thing is the forecast only called for 45 degrees that night so I really wasn’t worried.  Whew, that was a close one!


As you can see our tomatoes are just now starting to produce really big harvests, so I don’t want to loose the plants this early!  We did have a pretty decent harvest of tomatoes this week.


The total ended up being just enough to do a batch of canned tomatoes.  We ended up with 7 quarts.  With our slow tomato harvest we may only get one or two more batches.  They are coming in so slowly this year that we can’t seem to get enough to can, instead we have been freezing them or just making them into fresh salsa!


Lots of zucchini again this week.  We are about done freezing what we need for the winter so many of these are either being eaten raw or going to neighbors.


Look at this giant zucchini!  This is the second “grown to order” zucchini for a neighbor.  This 6 1/2 pound-er is exactly what she wanted.  I laugh because normally anything over about 2 pounds we consider too big to even bother with.  But she loves these giant ones to make into a very delicious desert!  It is very much like an apple crisp, she brought some over to us the last time she ordered one this big.  It is great!  In fact if she hadn’t told me it was zucchini in it, I’d have thought it was apple!


The last of the corn came in this week from the borrowed garden.  Several very small poorly pollinated ears, but still tasty!


Cantaloupe was the big star for the week.  We are getting one or two ripening every 3 days!


They are very tasty and don’t last long!


This was Saturday’s harvest, Tomatoes, berries, a few beans and a few cucumbers! We are still getting enough beans that we have plenty to eat and still even freeze a few!


The sun sugar tomatoes are coming like crazy, but unfortunately about 70% of them are cracked.  We had 3 days straight of rain at the first of the week and that was just too much water for this plant.  So we have to eat them quickly as the cracked ones spoil in short order!


This was a big harvest from last Monday, almost all green in this basket.


Also last Monday we harvested several heads of Tom Thumb lettuce.  This is a new lettuce to our garden.  They produce very small baseball sized heads.  You can see from the photo that there were 4 heads and they only weighed in at .75 pounds.  Normally that wouldn’t be productive enough to make the cut in my garden, but I think we will keep growing them for a few reasons.  First they are very good tasting and have a very nice crunch to them.  Second they seem to be fairly heat tolerant and third they are VERY quick growing.  These small heads are ready to harvest in 30 to 35 days.


Although this isn’t a harvest we did get our raw honey order in this week.  This is what $2700 in raw honey looks like.  85 gallons!  Of course not all of this was ours, I coordinated an order from a honey farmer in Wyoming for our entire neighborhood and a few friends.  We have already opened one gallon and it is fantastic!  This is our second year buying directly from this farmer and he has and exceptional product and a very good price!

Here’s this weeks Harvest totals:
Tomatoes – 16.75 lbs
Cucumbers – 3.50 lbs
Zucchini – 15.50 lbs
Raspberries – 2.50 lbs
Beans – 1.60 lbs
Herbs – .25 lbs
Strawberries – .80 lbs
Lettuce – .75 lbs
Home garden total – 41.65 lbs

Borrowed Garden
Corn – 3 lbs
Cantaloupe – 9 lbs
Total 12 lbs

Week total 53.65

Our annual total is 471 pounds from the home garden and 79 from the borrowed garden, for a grand total of 550 pounds.  That total should really start to grow as we start harvesting the potatoes from the borrowed garden this week.

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  1. Daphne September 21, 2015 12:13 pm Reply

    That is scary when the forecast doesn’t match the reality and it is so close to frost. My parents used to buy honey in five gallon containers directly from the bee keeper. I’ve never done that, but it was really good.

  2. Margaret September 26, 2015 6:12 am Reply

    You still have some good harvests coming in. Ours have started to wind down, but not as much as is usually the case by this time. Our weather has been unusually warm for this time of year – I guess that sometimes we do get “good” weather surprises! We have also started to purchase honey from a local farm, but we stick to the 1 litre (quart) jars 😉

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