Monday Harvest Report – The last of the Fall and Winter planting

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What a beautiful week!!  Temps were in the low 70’s all week.  It was just perfect fall weather!  I sure do love this time of year.  The warmer weather helped to finally dry things out enough to get the last of our fall planting done.  We got this tray of lettuce in on Saturday.  They are 2 weeks behind schedule because of all the wacky weather we have been having.


I went a head and put out a cold frame before we planted these.  We have had a couple nights where the temps were low enough that we were worried about frost.  We lucked out both nights but the first frost could come any time now!!  Like I said we are about 2 weeks behind in getting these lettuce starts out.  That has me worried that they won’t mature before the really cold weather sets in.  I’m going to try and off set that by watering them with fish emulsion several times over the next few weeks.  I’m hoping the extra nitrogen will hurry them along!!


Our harvest totals from the home garden were huge!!  It was our biggest one week total from here at home, with over 100 pounds.  Most of that came from the pumpkin harvest!  The two smaller came from last week but the 5 big ones were all harvested on Thursday.  78 pounds of pumpkins for the week!  They are all perfect jack-o-lantern size so the kids are excited!  There are still 2 more in the garden that are not quite ripe so if the frost holds off we should have another 20 or so pounds!


We had another nice picking of tomatoes on Tuesday.  There was a pretty big chance of frost that night so I brought in all the tomatoes I could.  There were another 20 pounds here so we got another 7 quarts of tomatoes which we canned on Saturday.  There is one more box of tomatoes left in the kitchen, we will do those tonight and then I think we will be done canning for the year.  The few tomatoes that do ripen before the first frost will just go to fresh eating and salsa!


I noticed the popcorn was getting ripe so I picked a few ears over the weekend.


Valerie saw then and immediately had to have them for her Halloween decorations!  With the nice weather forecast for the week I think I will try leaving the rest on stalks for another week.  Then I will bring them all in and they will need to cure in the garage or house for a few weeks before they are ready to take off the cob.  Just out of curiosity I counted all the ears left on the stalks.  We will end up with around 60 ears of popcorn of various size, but most are nice big cobs like the ones above!  That will make for a very nice popcorn harvest, probably 4 times the amount of the first year we tried!!

I was terrible about taking pictures this week, but we also harvested some cucumbers, a bunch of green peppers and a pound of strawberries.


While I was helping family do some moving on Saturday, Valerie got busy in the yard and cleaned up the front flower bed.  Everything was looking very spent and the zinnias and 4 O clocks had really over grown and were looking scraggly!  So now this bed is pretty much ready for winter, other than it could use a top coat of compost!


Cleaning up the beds revealed these beautiful geraniums that we had almost forgotten were there!


Look at this crazy color.  It’s beautiful, but almost doesn’t seem real.  Like one of the kids when crazy with a highlighter!!

Here’s this weeks harvest totals:

Home Garden
Tomatoes – 21 lbs
Pumpkins – 78 lbs
Peppers – 4.25 lbs
Cucumbers – 2.80 lbs
Strawberries – 1.25 lbs
Total – 107.30 lbs
Leo’s Garden
Tomatoes – 2 lbs

That’s a weekly total of 109 pounds and brings the home garden total to 558 pounds.  With the few summer crops left to harvest (pumpkins, popcorn, tomatoes) I think we will break the 600 pound mark pretty easy.  But that is well short of my goal of 775 pounds.  The fall and winter gardens aren’t going to contribute much this year, we have had a huge aphid infestation that has ruined all of our kale and maybe our broccoli.  And leaf miners have really hurt our fall spinach and chard crops.  So I think I will be tickled if our annual home total reaches 625.  Not too bad for the first year in the new garden, it matches what we had most years at our old place

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  1. Daphne October 6, 2014 6:47 pm Reply

    Very nice pumpkins. I can’t grow them here as the borers take them down every year. I’ve given up. And I love the popcorn. I’d be using it for decoration too since it is so pretty.

  2. pam (Sidewalk Shoes) October 7, 2014 3:43 pm Reply

    Your garden harvests are so inspiring!!

  3. Margaret October 7, 2014 5:55 pm Reply

    Great harvest – those are a lot of pumpkins! We love popcorn around here. How do you go about removing it from the cob? And does it actually pop well compared to the purchased popcorn in the plastic bags?

    • Mr. Stoney October 7, 2014 10:03 pm Reply

      Removing it from the cob is a little work. I found the best way was to rub two cobs together. Yes it pops really well, in fact better than store bought. But all the varieties we have tried so far do have smaller kernels than store bought.

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