Our Journey to Real Food – Making our own Breads

Making our own breads real food

Our very first step that we took to moving toward real food was making our own breads.   I never really liked store bought bread…it just tasted gross.  I bought it because it was easier, but about 3 years ago the bread we bought changed their recipe and it was even worse.  I decided then and there that I would never buy sandwich bread again.   I started doing this long before I read about real food.   Then a year ago, when I started to switch to real food, I realized I still bought hamburger buns, taco shells, English muffins, soup bowls, chips and crackers.  I needed to change because I didn’t want these highly processed foods any more.  Have you looked at the ingredients list on your store bought bread?    Go look at it.   How long is the list? Can you pronounce any of the foods listed?  Do you really want to feed yourself or your family with these ingredients?  I know I didn’t want to.

It was time to switch to all homemade bread!!!   I was already making sandwich bread twice a month and so I needed to tweak my schedule a little bit to add the extra bread.  I must admit, that I really I love making bread!!  You could kind of call me a bread fanatic!!!  I love kneading it….it is a good stress reliever…and I love watching it raise.  It is so fun and the smell of it, when it is cooking is so dreamy!!!  It is a ton healthier for you and it tastes so much better.  Your family will get down and worship the ground you walk on, when you bake homemade bread!!  I am just a little passionate about homemade bread, which is why I am writing this today.

Making our own breads tacos

I know that some of you may not like making bread like me and “I know you are thinking…are you crazy?  I don’t have time to add something else to my already hectic schedule?”  I know it is just another thing to add to you long list of things you should be doing, but believe me it is so worth it!!  Will you have failure breads?  Yes, you will and I still do too!    It will be in those times you laugh and say at least I tried!  I know if you just add it in to your schedule you will be able to make time for it.    If you really hate making bread…then use a bread maker…it is so easy, all you have to do is throw the ingredients in and the machine does the rest.   I still use the bread maker to make whole wheat bread for toast and for when I am in a hurry.  There are also some artisan breads you can make in 5 minutes.  They are super yummy and fast and easy to make.  I found it on the website artisanbreadinfive.com.  Go and check it out I have really enjoyed baking that bread and it is so easy and everyone has an extra 5 minutes to spare!!!   I use the whole wheat recipe that I got from their book, Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a day.

Have I convinced you yet? Making our own breads is awesome!!

I usually have a bread making week each month and then I put it all in the freezer to use throughout that month (I do however have to make 4 loaves of sandwich bread and English muffins twice a month).   I look at my menu to see what breads I will need for the month and I start baking ….So my bread making week starts on  Monday  with whole wheat sandwich bread and while I am waiting for it to rise I make whole wheat English muffins.  Tuesday, I make whole wheat taco shells and pitas.    These are my staple breads that I use every month and if I have hamburger buns or soup bowls on the menu then I make those breads on Wednesday.  It really doesn’t take that long…I usually am able to mix it up and let it rise while I do something else.  You can really pretty easily fit it into your schedule.  I get my kids involved because they always say how bored they are, so I make it a fun activity we do together.  They enjoy mixing and kneading the bread and making pitas is their favorite because with the oven light on you can watch them puff up…it is so cool.

Making our own breads sandwich

I do other breads too but I don’t do them once a month; I just do them along with dinner.  These include things like pizza dough, corn bread, bread sticks, rolls, French bread, etc.   I will be honest, I don’t like cooking dinner very much, but I love to bake!  So in order to get me to actually want to cook dinner I add bread to it, to make it fun for me!!!  I know it sounds weird, but when I am making the bread with dinner it just makes it so much less painful!!

Along with the changeover to whole wheat bread we switched all of our pancakes and waffles to whole wheat too.  We always made these homemade but out of white flour.  We slowly added wheat into the dough to get our kids used to the idea and now it is all whole wheat with just a tablespoon of white flour for the pancake dough.

Making our own breads Pizza

Give it a try to see how you do….if you just start slow with just sandwich bread, then you will taste how yummy it is….you will want to make more and more.   You will realize, like I have, how it tastes so much better and how much more flavor homemade bread has.   I think back on all the years I was missing out on homemade whole wheat breads and just buying it…yuck!!!    I could never go back to store breads now that I have started making all my own!!!   I know once you get started there will be no turning back…you will love it as much as I do.

Keep checking back because I will be posting each week one of the many bread recipes that I use..so you can try it too.


  1. Daphne October 30, 2014 10:31 am Reply

    I still buy a cracker. But the ingredient list is brown rice flour and water. That is a pretty short list. Occasionally I’ll buy an organic corn tortilla when I’m lazy and already at the store, again the ingredient list is short, but usually I make my own as it tastes so much better.


  2. Margaret October 31, 2014 4:45 pm Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. I don’t make all of our bread right now but do make about half. Going 100% homemade is definitely something to aspire to.


  3. Dave November 3, 2014 3:56 pm Reply

    Like Daphne my wife and I let ourselves buy crackers and tortillas too, though like bread homemade ones are much better. We’ve tried a lot of no-knead recipes and it is a painless way to make good bread for sure!


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