Welcome to Stoney Acres

 Welcome to what we hope will become the worlds greatest web site dedicated to helping others become more self sufficient.  OK maybe the world’s greatest web site is a little ambitious, but we’ll try.  Stoney Acres is our little piece of heaven (or more like our weedy piece of heaven) located in Zone 6 northernUtah. 

The staff consists of one lucky guy, one fantastically beautiful girl, four great kids, six chickens, one cat and a gold fish.  Together we are doing our best to be self sufficient and grow as much food as we possibly can. 

This blog will be a work in progress for the next few months as we decide on themes, build content, upload pictures and add categories.  The blog will be dedicated to providing information and advice on many topics.  You will see posts on traditional vegetable gardening, raising chickens, bread baking and our current specialty four season gardening.  We hope to show you how to provide a lot of food for your family along with how to posts on many “do it yourself” projects that will save your family money and make you more self sufficient.

Up front we should say that we hope to “monetize” this blog.  Meaning very soon you will see some relevant advertising and affiliate programs that will generate some revenue for us.  Rest assured it will never be annoying and any products advertized will be good stuff we have tried and we will always disclose any time we are being sponsored.  We also hope to be able to sell some hand built cold frames to the “locals”.

We always welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.  Welcome aboard and please tell your friends about us.