Planting Tomatoes – Video Tip

Planting tomatoes should be done in mid to late spring, after all major threats of frost have past.  In our area that means we have tomatoes in the ground around Mothers Day.

Planting Tomatoes - Video Post

Planting Tomatoes

I filmed this video on planting tomatoes in 2016.  It gives you some great tips on how I plant my tomatoes!  Along with a few hints on preventing cut worms as well.  I’m a big proponent of organic gardening so the video is full of hints on how to plant your tomatoes without using chemical fertilizers!

This YouTube Gardening Tip has turned out to be one of my most popular videos ever!!  Planting tomatoes is easy to do.  All it requires is a tomato plant, a banana and and egg?????  Watch the video to see what the banana and egg are all about!!


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I’ve sure had a lot of fun filming these gardening tips.  I hope you enjoy them and they help your garden out!

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Growing Tomato Heaven

Tomatoes are one of the most popular back yard veggies people grow.  If you would like to learn a ton more about growing tomatoes in your backyard I’d suggest you check out my Growing Tomato Heaven Course.  This 90 minute video class takes you though all aspects of planting, growing and caring for your own tomato plants.


If you buy the course using this link you can get it for only $10.

Happy Gardening


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