Preschooler forced to eat school lunch!

Okay, so far I have tried to avoid political issues on my blog but I came across an artical today that has really got me riled up!!!  This one effects my ability to be self reliant so I guess it fits my blog.

In North Carolina a 4 year old was told that the lunch that her mother packed did not meet USDA standards and she instead was given a school lunch and her parents were charged for it!  Click here if you would like to read the whole article.

So here’s what the little girl had in her lunch:  A turkey and cheese sandwich on white whole wheat bread, a banana, a box of apple juice and a bag of potato chips.  Other than the potato chips what was wrong with that lunch?  Instead guess what she ate from her school provided lunch.  3 chicken nuggets!!  That’s it!

We send all 4 of our kids to school with homemade lunches.  Guess why, because what they get at the school is absolute crap!  If we let our two older kids eat school lunch every day, guess what they would eat . . . Pizza or a cheese burger with fries and a giant sized cookie!  That’s what their $2.00 would buy and that’s what they would choose.  Our younger two would come home hungry most days because they wouldn’t eat what was offered and they have fewer options at the elementary school.

Add to that the cost of school lunch.  We have our own business and make good money so this isn’t a big issue with us.  But if our kids ate school lunch every day it would be more than $150.00 a month that we would be paying for crap!    We can spend half that much and send them to school with a better lunch.

So we send them with a lunch we make; with a sandwich made on homemade whole wheat bread, some kind of fresh veggie (a lot of time fresh from the garden), a fruit (again often from the garden), whole wheat crackers, juice and a homemade cookie.  Of course we mix it up as much as we can to keep them interested.

I think the state of North Carolina really crossed the line on this one.  What right do they have to even inspect that little girls lunch?  What’s next, is a state inspector going so show up at my house to be sure my kids dinner meets USDA standards!  Aughhhhhh!!!  This one has me upset!  What you you guys think?









  1. Jennie- Team Dean February 15, 2012 12:45 pm Reply

    thats horrible! I can’t believe this happened.

  2. Emily Saddler February 15, 2012 1:01 pm Reply

    I agree completely! I am huge on eating healthy, clean food. I can’t believe the school had the audacity to do something like that. The last thing I want my kids eating is lunch from the school cafeteria. If this ever became a federal law in public schools I would pull them out and home school them!

  3. Gale March 26, 2012 5:47 pm Reply

    What makes me mad is not that the reason they said they had a problem with the lunch (no vegetable in it)…its that they took the bag and gave her something else that’s LESS healthy in stead. They could have just provided a veggie to “suplement the lunch” (as the rule stated) and not charge the parent for a whole meal. And if they aren’t going to make sure the child actually eats it anyways, what’s the point?

    You know, the rule makes sense when the child is sent to school with a bag full of fruit loops and a soda. But in this case it seems someone missed the whole point.

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