Real Food Breakfast

Real Food Breakfast

When we began our real food journey we tried to do too much too soon and the teens did not react well and so I backed off and have just made slow, small changes and it has worked out a lot better.  One of the most important things I wanted to change, was breakfast!!  This was super important to me because it is the first and most important meal of the day.   I wanted my family to have a real food breakfast each and every day to get them started out with the right kind of food!!  I didn’t want them to packed full of sugar to start their day!!  We have slowly changed what we eat for breakfast, and almost all of my kids have adapted to the change.  I still hear the moaning and groaning about how they want that sugary cold cereal…but I won’t buy it anymore!!   I want them to be eating a real food breakfast.    Here is the trick if I don’t buy it, they can’t eat it because it is no longer in the pantry for them to grab.  Before I read about real food I didn’t really pay attention to the labels on those cold cereal boxes!  I picked what I thought was not too sugary,  Ha, Ha…you will laugh when you find out what I bought.  Yes, I did buy Frosted Mini-wheats ( what they have wheat in them right??), Cheerios, Chex, and Honey Bunches of Oats(they are good for you right? Oats are in the name?).  My husband on the other hand liked the sugary cereals and so he would throw in Frosted Flakes or Marshmallow Matey’s(Lucky Charms) .

Tosca Reno in her book, The Eat Clean Diet for Family & kids calls cold cereal, “Chemical Soup!”   She also said, “I feel like the cereal aisle is  booby-trapped at entry point.  At least when you are in the junk-food aisle you know it.  On every level, even the junkiest of cereals is trying to present itself as a healthy food.    Would it shock you to learn that the sugar content in a small serving of Froot Loops is the same as a Kit Kat bar.”

It is hard to believe that there is so much sugar content in our food but it is so true.  When my husband and I decided to start this real food adventure, we started by going to the grocery store to see what we could possibly buy!  The first few times at the grocery store took quite a while because I would check ingredients of every label of food I picked up before it went in the shopping cart.  I encourage you to do the same and you will be surprised what you see.  I was so shocked at how many ingredients each label had and how many  I couldn’t pronounce.  I found that sugar and high fructose corn syrup were in most everything!!  There are so many chemical preservatives added to cold cereals to help them last longer, but do we really know what those preservatives can do to us???

Real Food Breakfast Eggs

It makes me sick to think that I was even feeding my family this junk!!!   They would even go to the pantry and get the cereal out and eat it as a snack…yikes!!!   There had to be a better way to feed my family a real food breakfast than out of a box!  The Cold Cereal aisle is really overwhelming because it is full of box after box of cereal claiming to be good for you but when you  look at the long list of ingredients and all the sugar….ugh…it makes me so angry at myself for not paying attention to what I was putting in my body!

When I walk down this aisle now, I do not buy very much from it and guess what I am saving a lot of money by not buying those expensive boxes of cereal.    I slowly stopped buying the sugar cereals until we only buy one, but only because it has 6 ingredients but it still has sugar and corn syrup in it…sigh!!!!   I haven’t convinced my family completely, including Rick to give up on this one cereal….Wheat Bran Flakes….it is a work in progress…I will convince them eventually.  This was not an easy adjustment!   Like I said above, there were complaints of how there wasn’t anything to eat for breakfast!!!  But I am slowly getting my family to adjust to a healthier real food breakfast. A real food breakfast is so much better for you!  When you eat a good breakfast it gives you the right energy your body needs to make it through the day!  I feel  so much better not starting my day being packed with sugar!!!  I have also shed a lot of unwanted pounds that I haven’t been able to lose in years!   This was a total bonus to my real/clean food journey!!!  (I will share more about that in a later post on exercise/clean eating.)

I have found a couple of cereals that have less than 5 ingredients in them but do not have sugar that I do still buy.   Western Family Bite size Shredded Wheat (1 ingredient, but it does have BHT in it) and Western Family Wheat and Barley Nutty Nuggets(this has 4 ingredients).  I also buy oatmeal, Cream of wheat, and Zoom.  I have to mix up my real food breakfast each day.  Tosca Reno just has oatmeal every single day!!  I can’t do that I have to have different things each day otherwise I would get sick of that same old stuff day after day.   Just because your eating  a real/clean food  breakfast  doesn’t mean it has to be boring and tasteless!!  I have made a list of our Real Food breakfasts that we have and I hope it helps you to make the change too!!  I will be posting some of the real food breakfast recipes in later posts.

Real Food Breakfast Granola

This is a list of the options that I have in the pantry for my family  to have for a Real food breakfast each day.   They are simple and easy and don’t take much more time than pouring cereal in a bowl.   The ones that take longer I save for the weekends when I have more time and  I also have some things in the freezer for easy grab and whole wheat tacos,  homemade whole wheat waffles/pancakes.  I also at times will make extra scrambled eggs and either freeze them or put in the fridge for an easy breakfast burrito.   I hope this list will help you see how good a real food breakfast can be each day!:)

Real Food Breakfast Real Food  add ins or Toppings Prep time  
Cold Cereal- Bite size Shredded  Wheat or Nutty Nuggets Fruit-strawberries, raspberries,Bananas, add some honey 1 minute
Cream of Wheat Add honey, bananas, & flax 2 ½ minutes
Zoom Add honey and fruit of choice, flax 2 ½ minutes
Homemade Granola Add fruit and milk
Oatmeal Add a pinch of salt and  then add applesauce, flax,  and cinnamon. This tastes so yummy! 2 minutes to boil water.
Whole wheat English muffin egg sandwich. Fry a n egg and toast the muffin, add some spinach/ kale and some homemade BBQ sauce and oh so good!! 5-8 minutes to cook the egg
Plain Yogurt Frozen/fresh fruit of choice, add a little honey, some flax and mix together then sprinkle granola on top.  This is my favorite! 2 minutes
Whole wheat  Pancakes/ Waffles Add fresh/frozen fruit to top or drizzle honey on them. 20 minutes-I save these for the weekend.
Scrambled eggs Add onion, green pepper, spinach/kale, and zucchini and you have a great breakfast. 15 minutes
Breakfast Burritos Grab a frozen whole wheat taco and add leftover scrambled eggs from fridge put in a little spinach and add some homemade BBQ sauce and a little cheese…mmmm!! 45 seconds in microwave.

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