Remodeling Project – The New Office

As many of you know we moved into a our house a year ago.  The home we bought was in pretty rough shape and has required a lot of work, the bulk of which we had to finish before we moved in.  Today I wanted to show you one of my favorite projects.  Its my favorite for a couple of reasons, first because of the giant change in the room and second because it is my office and it’s where I spend a lot of my time.


Here are a couple of before shots.  You can see we started with a mess.  The room is in the basement and had some water damage.  The water damage came from a broken water filter and meant that they had to replace some sheet rock and that was never painted over.  Additionally all the flooring was gone from this room and all we had was cement.


The room itself is fairly large, about 11 feet by 16 feet.  Way more space than I needed for my office.  Also you can see the furnace and water heater were at the West end of the room.  This made it pretty noisy.  The house didn’t really have a “storage room” so we decided to cut a five foot section out of the room with a wall to close in the furnace and give us some space for storage.


So the first part of the project was to add a couple of walls and a door.  I didn’t get a photo of this but we also put insulation in these walls.  We did that to help cut out the noise of the furnace and it worked.


The room ended up being 5 x 7 and we are really happy we did it.  You can see the finished room fits a lot of “junk” and food storage, and keeps us from having to store out huge Christmas decoration collection in the garage.


Next came paint and then we decided to put down laminate flooring.  It seemed a good choice for an office and has worked out well!


Then a couple of new light fixtures, one for the hall.


And a larger one for the main room.


New trim was also needed, we decided to change the trim though out the house to a “shaker” style.  We used 6 inch baseboards and for the doorways we used 4 inch boards for the sides and 6 inch headers.  We are really happy with the new look.


Here’s a final shot of the finished project.  Quite a change!  It made a beat up  mess of a room into a very comfortable office and functional storage room.  The total cost for the remodel of this room was just under $500.00 including the new light fixtures.  A great change for not a lot of money!

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