Ripening Green Pumpkins

Ripening Green Pumpkins is something we have to do ever few years.  Sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the fall for the last of your pumpkins to ripen.  But it is a actually simple process to ripen green pumpkins.

How To Ripen Green Pumpkins


“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” – Jim Davis

It happens every few years around our place.  You know the type of year, when the frost and the cold come early and you just have to break down and bring in your pumpkins before they have fully ripened.  Pumpkins can take a light frost or two and be okay, but once the foliage on your pumpkin plant has been killed by the frost there really isn’t a reason to leave the green pumpkins out in the garden. A really hard freeze could really damage those green pumpkins.

Ripening Green Pumpkins

The process for ripening green pumpkins is really quite simple.  You just need a sunny spot where you don’t need to worry about your green pumpkins freezing.  For us that perfect spot is a south facing window either in the garage or inside the house.  All they really need is exposure to a few weeks of nice warm sun shine and they will ripen up!

Ripening Green Pumpkins

Plenty of pumpkin pie coming from this beauty.  This one weighed in at 27 lbs when we finally brought it in from ripening in the sunny window in the garage.  We weren’t sure if this one would ripen, it was very green when we brought it in from the garden the night before our first hard freeze.

Ripening Green Pumpkins 1

Only 3 weeks in the sun was all it took.  This is the first time we have tried ripening green pumpkins.  Our wet cold spring set all our plants back several weeks so this one just didn’t quite get done before the frost.

Keep in mind when you are ripening green pumpkins that they won’t be as good of quality as a vine ripened pumpkin.  Like many other veggies ripened green pumpkins will be of lower over all taste and quality.  But this one was PERFECT for a nice Halloween Jack-O-Lantern!  And most of the seeds were usable for roasting.

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  1. kitsapFG November 13, 2011 10:18 pm Reply

    I had to ripen all my pumpkins off the vine this year too. Not a good year for the winter squashes. The first one was ready today and we had it for dinner – Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good. Lovely stuff!

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