Signs of spring in the garden!

We had a beautiful day Saturday, temperatures in the 60’s and sunny!  That got me inspired to get out and get some work done in the garden and yard.


I dug up the last of the overwintered carrots!  There was a total of 11.5 pounds.  That’s a lot of carrots for one setting, but they needed to come out to make room in the cold frames for my early planting of potatoes, which I also got in.  Along with the potatoes we also planted a couple more rows of peas, some carrots, lettuce, beets and Swiss chard.


While I had the camera out I took a walk around the yard, there are a lot of signs of spring!  The garlic is up and looking fantastic.  We planted about twice as much this year in hopes of keeping us supplied with garden grown garlic longer next year.


This is a Chinese cabbage that a planted last fall.  It didn’t do anything in the fall and I just forgot about it.  This resilient plant survived the winter unprotected!  This one (and it’s two smaller friends) are really in the way of our onion planting.  But they are staying put!  I just can’t convince myself to pull out a plant that wants to survive that badly!  We will see what it does over the next few weeks.


I also uncovered the strawberry patch.  It’s looking pretty rough, but it’s early in the year, give it a couple of weeks and some more sunshine and they will snap right back!


These kale plants overwintered from last fall.  I did have them covered for most of the winter with a big piece of row cover.  All of these plants have snapped back and we will start harvesting leaves from them this week.


We have been eating quite a bit of the over wintered chard.  The plants are looking great!


The spinach is also doing really well, we are picking at least 1/2 pound a week.


The lettuce bed is perking up.  Most of the plants in this bed were planted by seedling a week ago.  They should be over the shock of transplanting pretty soon and take off growing!


The chives are up growing well.  I would imagine we will be seeing flowers in a few weeks.


This is another amazing plant.  This is parsley that I didn’t get pulled out last fall, it also survived the winter and is starting to grow new leaves.  I think I will leave it alone and see how it does this spring!


The blackberries are starting to leaf out.


And I noticed the first of the raspberries poking through the ground today.


In the front yard the daffodils are getting close to blooming!


And we have a lot of tulips up.


I also noticed this patch of chamomile that is coming up from seed!

Spring is here for sure!  I’m excited for another great gardening season!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Dave @OurHappyAcres March 21, 2016 11:13 am Reply

    Everything is looking good there for sure! That’s a nice haul of carrots too. My chives are also coming up, and thanks for the reminder I need to cut some and use them in the kitchen.

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