Spring Garden Work

The weather over the weekend was fantastic!  That gave us a chance to get outside and really get started on the gardening season.  We have a large yard and it requires quite a bit of work in the spring.  So it was nice to get a chance to get an early start this year.  Here’s what we were able to get taken care of over the weekend.


We were able to get the straw cleared off the strawberry beds.  I put the straw on the beds to protect the strawberry plants from the cold during the winter.  Normally I just use some leaves from the yard to do this but the instructor that taught our small fruit class suggested that we use straw so I thought I’d give it a try.  After having to clean all that straw up I think this was a mistake.  It was a real pain to get it out of the beds and I couldn’t get it 100% clean up.  Just an over all mess.

Each spring we cover the strawberry beds with a heavy fabric row cover to provide protection and a warmer environment for the plants to grow in.  These will stay in place for a month or so.  I think next year we may just put these on in the fall and leave them there all winter, instead of trying to cover the beds with mulch.

The tree trimming has started in earnest.  We have a lot of trees on our little ½ acre so there is always a lot of spring trimming that needs to be done.  I have neglected this for a couple of years so this year’s project is even bigger.

It was time to take the hoop houses down and get the beds underneath whipped into shape for spring planting.  These beds were both planted with peas.  I’m a little later getting my peas in this year.  Last year they were in on the 10th of March so I’m about 2 weeks behind.  But there is still plenty of time to get a good crop.

Parts of the main garden have dried out enough that I was able to get started on the preparation of these beds.  We use a raised bed growing system in the main garden.  This means we have added compost to the beds over the years and we keep them formed up nice.  All we have to do in the spring is loosen the soil a bit with a digging fork and then turn in some fresh compost.  I also reform the pathway and shape up the beds.

These two beds are in the sunniest part of the garden and can be planted the earliest.  The left bed will be for our Cole crops, the right one will be for this years onion crop.

I was able to get one other bed ready and we decided to use this space for peas this year.  I think after the peas are done we will use this bed for some fall lettuces and kale.

Other projects we got done over the weekend included planting our spring potatoes, getting all our tomato, peppers and celery starts planted, and pruning our ever-bearing raspberries.  I will post a little more detail about each of these projects later in the week.  Spring is here and that means lots of exciting things happening in the garden!!


  1. Julie March 27, 2012 8:27 pm Reply

    Looks like you’ve been busy! I’ve never even thought about covering or mulching strawberries. This is my second year of strawberries, so it was probably good we had a mild winter since I didn’t cover them.


  2. Liz March 28, 2012 9:58 pm Reply

    Very productive – whilst I love being able to garden all year round it means my beds pretty much never get much of a rest and I have to say yours look all the better for theirs.


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