When to Harvest Garlic – Video Tutorial

Time to learn when to harvest garlic.  I’ve been so busy in the garden this year that I really haven’t had as much time as I had hoped I would to get out and film new videos for my YouTube Channel.  Things finally settled down for a bit last week so I sat down and actually filmed 8 new tutorials.  That should keep me busy editing for a while!!

When to Harvest Garlic

This weeks video teaches you a little bit about when to harvesting garlic.  It includes some tips on how to harvest garlic and a couple of tips about when to harvest garlic from your garden.  When I first started growing garlic one of my biggest frustrations was a good description of when to harvest garlic.  There is plenty to read about the topic but not a lot of pictures.  So in the video I’ve tried to give you a good breakdown of when to harvest along with a few tips that will help you know when harvest time is approaching.

Please go take a look!!  There’s lots of good info in this video.

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This video is part of my Grow what you Eat, Eat what you grow video series.  Check out my YouTube channel for a growing list of practical gardening tips.  I try to film videos that are really going to help you in your garden.  You may even be able to learn from a few of my mistakes along the way. (Hopefully I won’t make too many!)

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Happy Gardening!

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